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DuPont Filaments: A leading provider of premium monofilaments to the oral care industry.

The range of products offered by DuPont Filaments for brush applications ranges from FDA-compliant colourful filaments for oral care applications, to soft “natural-feel” filaments for
cosmetics, long synthetic tapered bristles for paintbrushes, and tough, durable abrasive filaments for cleaning and polishing.

Having first started making bristles for toothbrushes in the 1930’s, DuPont is uniquely qualified to be a special partner for oral care marketers and manufacturers around the world.
The business can supply a broad range of filaments, under the registered brand names of DuPont™ Tynex® and DuPont™ Herox®, in a range of colours and sizes, for almost any
toothbrush design, including electric and manual toothbrushes, interdental brushes, floss threaders and tongue brushes.

Product stewardship borne of a 200 year dedication to safety.

DuPont gains significant competitive advantage within all the markets it is operative by strictly adhering to its principles of product stewardship. "We view Product Stewardship as an
integrated business process for identifying, managing, and reducing safety, health, and environmental risk throughout all stages of a product's life in the best interest of our four
stakeholders: customers, employees, shareholders, and society,” explains Rainer Kurzknabe, Regulatory Affairs Programs Manager at DuPont. Product stewardship is not new at DuPont – in fact it takes its roots from more than 200 years of dedication to safety: originally a manufacturer of gunpowder when founded in 1802, safety has been a concern at DuPont from the outset. As early as 1811, the company put down its first safety rules in writing. Later, safety performance shifted from the responsibility of the safety departments to the direct operating organization (line management) with safety engineers operating in an advisory capacity. Safety organizations were established at all plants. The early 20th century marked the beginning of a continued decrease in accidents and the beginning of extended periods of zero accidents at various sites. By this point safety was firmly institutionalized at the core of the DuPont enterprise and the way the company would continue to do business for the rest of the 20th century and beyond.

DuPont Filaments oral care unwavering commitment to safety.

In the 21st century, the need for truly sustainable options remains one of the most critical challenges facing the global community. DuPont science is committed to creating better
products that help people have a safer, healthier life, as well as sustainable solutions that help protect the environment they live in. To that purpose, the company has set up a product
stewardship system to regularly assess, and address, the safety and environmental impact of its products, and to proactively ensure accordance with latest regulatory requirements.

Such systems apply to its toothbrush filaments: DuPont invests vast amounts of time and resources in making sure that every filament that comes out of its factories around the world meets the most stringent product safety requirements. All of its Tynex® and Herox® monofilaments are thoroughly tested and certified for food contact through the company’s corporate regulatory and product stewardship department – which carries the full backing and reputation of the DuPont Corporation. The DuPont Filaments business invests a lot of effort and resources, spending for example three years in gaining both internal and regulatory approval for all 39 colours of its range of Herox® monofilaments.

Hazardous materials, for which the company is able to produce statements their absence during manufacture of its monofilaments, include heavy metals or Bisphenol-A. “In
times where customers are increasingly concerned about safety of products being produced virtually anywhere in the world, it is important to ensure that you only use 100% safe filament
for your toothbrush,” comments Son Do Phan, Global Segment Leader DuPont Filaments - Oral Care. “Any doubt can have very unfortunate consequences on the reputation or brand of a
toothbrush that is found or even perceived to be unsafe.”
A toothbrush filament will not be sold by DuPont before it meets the following food contact regulations:

  • DuPont’s internal safety requirements (very strict, aimed at ensuring that filaments are safe for consumption).
  • European food contact regulations (very strict, soon to be adopted by China).
  • FDA food contact regulation: some of DuPont’s products do not meet FDA food contact regulation because the color pigments used are not approved by the FDA. These pigments are, however, approved in accordance to the very strict DuPont and EU regulations.

“No matter where our toothbrush filaments are produced around the globe, they will always meet the same strict safety requirements and be covered by our DuPont food contact
statement,” concludes Son Do Phan. A list of all FDA-compliant toothbrush filament and colors are available upon request.

Further information on the DuPont Filaments offering can be found via the link below where you will find full contact and website details.

Safety rules 1811.
"DuPont science is committed to creating better products that help people have a safer, healthier life, as well as sustainable solutions that help protect the environment they live in."

DuPont Filaments bv

DuPont Filaments provides the industry with the highest-quality filaments for all brush applications, plus global delivery to ensure the most cost-efficient production in local markets.  With manufacturing facilities that span the globe and technical experts in multiple languages, DuPont Filaments makes it easy to meet all of the manufacturers' filaments needs worldwide.
From FDA-compliant colourful filaments for oral care applications, to long synthetic tapered bristles for paintbrushes and soft 'natural-feel' filaments for cosmetics; DuPont Filaments provides a broad range of product development and manufacturing solutions for individual product requirements.

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