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Wöhler Brush Tech GmbH – The world of brushmaking machines!
Creative concepts and guaranteed highest quality with optimal service –
that’s what Wöhler stands for with more than 50 years experience in the brush industry.

Wöhler is pleased to present the following machinery innovations for:

Street Sweeper Production

Plastic Brush Body Moulding BBM 700

Modular extrusion system for the production of brush bodies and even tubes in PP, PE or in a particularly low-cost recycled material mix. The system can be fitted out for operating with a single mould or up to 10 moulds. An outer station can be used for positioning any required tools in various sizes. Every single mould can be separately controlled by the touch screen control. The machine stands out for its economical production of individual brush bodies, tubes and finished products as well as for its low investment costs and high returns. The required geometries can be easily regulated by speed, pressure, time and cooling control.

Cassette Brush Machine GB 90

brushes. Mounted on a shaft these cassette brushes are used specifically for the cleaning of airport runways. The machine is equipped with feeding of the pre-assembled cassette, in which the single plastic parts are already inserted. The machine also incorporates automatic bending, cutting and inserting of wire from spool. Automatic crimping of wire directly from Z 2 coils also possible for greatest possible production cost reduction. Special features are the automatic separation of the retaining wire as well as the automatic push in of the retaining wire and its automatic insertion into the ready bundles.

Ring Production RWA 250, NIS 900, PL 100

Fully automatic ring production line RWA 250 including ring calibration and rivet inserting unit NIS 900 as well as spot welder PL 100. The rings are fixed with pins and the spot welder ensures constant quality in one shot. The machine produces 10 rings/min. and features fast change over and easy handling for perfect ring quality and high cost-effectiveness.

Rope Cutting and Pressing Unit RCU 20

The machine is specially designed for cutting and pressing steel wire ropes as used in weed brushes. The machine is equipped with a CNC controlled rope tractor feeding unit, which allows adjustment of the feed length and speed. Also available as fully automatic model.


Brushing Machine B 94

Fully automatic robotic cell for the inline surface processing of metal parts. The machine is of modular construction with multiple stations and robotics including camera control for part identification. The brushes, with their heat resistant diamond bristles and high durability, ensure excellent cleaning without changes in the grinding pattern. The robotic machine offers high flexibility and individual programming for additional tasks.

Assembly Robot for Twist Knot and Wheel Brush Segments

Automatic system for robotic assembly of crimped wire and twist knot segments. The robot takes parts out of magazines as well as directly from the brush machine. This advanced system offers the absolutely highest flexibility in brush assembly. Depending on cycle times a single robot can often serve multiple processes. The high production speed is realised independently of manpower, raising productivity and reducing costs.

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Cassette Brush Machine GB 90
Ring Production RWA 250, NIS 900, PL 100
Rope Cutting and Pressing Unit RCU 2
Brushing Machine B 94
Assembly Robot for Twist Knot and Wheel Brush Segments

Woehler Brush Tech GmbH

Wöhler Brush Tech develops new and innovative concepts in different production areas based on more than 50 years of experience in the brush industry. Woehler machines are successfully operated in production facilities all over the world.
Woehler Brush Tech designs and manufactures production lines and systems for technical brushes in industrial applications and special consumer brushes:
Strip brushes, roll brushes; Twist knot brushes; Brush segments (wheel and cup); Dental brushes, polishing brushes; End brushes; Street sweeper brushes, cleaning brushes; Twist-in wire brushes, micro brushes; Paintbrushes and special technical brushes.
The systems are supplied in varying degrees of automation, depending on specific requirements.
Woehler Brush Tech also supplies: Punching, trimming, cutting and crimping equipment; Brushing and specialty machines; Surface finishing and WPC devices; Special filaments.

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