Total Care System for Paint Brushes from Go!Paint

Nothing beats a high-quality brush that has been worn in. However, because of the quick drying new generation of paints, brushes are often thrown away after the job. Totally unnecessary! Go!Paint has a solution for cleaning, storing and even restoring brushes.

For storage there is Store and Go.  It is a gel-based brush storage system for both oil-based and water-based systems. The gel encapsulates the bristles and prevents them from drying. Instead of cleaning brushes under a running tap or with white spirit or other unhealthy solvents, just stick it in the gel straight after painting.  When you want to use it again, no matter if that is only hours or many months later, you take the brush out, wipe off the gel with a rag and you are ready to go again.

If you want to change to another colour or paint, you would need to clean it first, obviously. 
For this purpose and for simply cleaning any paint brush you can use a Clean and Go system. This is a very simple system consisting of a bucket with a filter bag in it, and a sieve that is raised from the bottom. Fill it with Go!Paint’s eco-friendly Brush Cleaner, then simply flex the brush over the sieve, pushing out and scraping off any paint particles. The paint then sinks to the bottom, so the brush is never standing in old paint. This takes less than a minute. If you give it some more time, the Brush Cleaner even restores brushes that have gone hard. We have even heard of painters restoring brushes used with shellac-based paints.

When using rapid drying paint systems (some water-based paints dry in the brush while working), it is advised to clean the brush before storing it in gel, as it can be difficult to stop all drying processes. Before you use the cleaned-out brush with paint again, briefly rinse the cleaner out with some water and dry the brush.

After weeks of use simply take out the filter bag, drop the contents on some old newspapers and let dry. Once dry, the contents can be disposed of in the bin. When wet, you need to dispose of it as if it were paint. Same goes for the gel.

This full brush care system helps you keep your brushes in mint condition, without using solvents and prevents water being polluted with micro plastics. What more is there to ask?

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