Synthetic Filaments for the Brush Industry from Xuguang Science &Technology Co Ltd| Featured Exhibitor of CIBRUSH 2023

Shantou Xuguang Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Shantou Guo’s Xuguang Industry Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1989 and is one of the earliest manufacturers of brush filaments in China. The company produces all kinds of synthetic brush filaments, and through its solidarity and effortsis fast becoming a leading company in the field of filaments in terms of product variety, sales volume and quality.

Product Overview

Product Range:

  • Nylon filament (Nylon6, Nylon66, Nylon610, Nylon612)
  • PP filament
  • PET filament
  • PBT filament
  • Tapered filament


  • Daily household and personal brushes: including brooms, bed brushes, dish brushes, shower brushes, shoe brushes, toothbrushes, combs and foot brushes.
  • Household appliance brushes: including vacuum cleaner brushes, roller brush accessories, antibacterial brushes, wax machine brush accessories, washing machine brush accessories, air conditioning cleaning brushes.
  • Animal care brushes: including pet toothbrushes, pet grooming brushes, horse brushes, horsehair brushes, pig brushes and bristle brushes.
  • Polishing brushes: including disc brushes, silicon carbide wire brushes, aluminium wire brushes, abrasive wire brushes, hole grinding brushes, threaded hole cleaning brushes and wire brushes.
  • Pipe brushes: including air conditioning pipe cleaning brushes, pipe cleaning brushes and pipe robot brush accessories.
  • Dust cleaning brushes: including glass cleaning brush rollers, anti-dust bar brushes, ash grinder brushes, sanding machine ash brushes and grinding machine ash brushes.
  • Electronic printing plate brushes: including pressure plate brushes, pressure plate brushes, anti-static brushes, anti-aging brushes and anti-UV brushes.
  • Sanitation industry: including sweeping brushes, disc brushes, roller brushes, side flat brushes and fence cleaning brushes.
  • Industrial cleaning brushes: including turret punch flat brushes, fruit washing machine brush accessories and glass bottle cleaning brush accessories.
  • Toothbrush filaments: Green tea polyphenols antibacterial toothbrush filaments (contain natural green tea polyphenols, inhibit bacteria, strengthen teeth), silver ion antibacterial toothbrush filaments (containing silver ions, effective sterilization), Yinlu Triangle Toothbrush filaments (unique triangular cross-section, play a better role in cleaning), charcoal toothbrush filaments (contain Charcoal , 0.01mm tips, absorb bad smells) and Moliji Toothbrush filaments (unique ripple shape, good cleaning ability).

Shantou Xuguang Science & Technology always adheres to the principle that quality comes first, you survive through integrity and develop with technology. Having gained the many required international certifications, Shantou Xuguang Science & Technology’s products are highly favoured and recognised by customers both at home and abroad.

For more information, please visit Shantou Xuguang Science & Technology at CIBRUSH 2023 - Booth F06.


China International Brush Making Industry Exhibition (CIBRUSH) is one of the largest international and professional brush industry exhibitions in the world. It focuses on the theme of “Brush Making is Getting Smarter” to show the latest products, trends, and technologies in the brush industry. Don’t miss it!

You will find more information about CIBRUSH 2023 including registration links, exhibitor list, travel arrangements and contact details via this link.
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