Flanders Brush Makers Showed Their Latest Twisted Brush Innovation at Ambiente - Frankfurt

Continued Investment in Niche Wire Brushes

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Meet: The Cavity Wall Brush from Flanders Brush Makers
Z.PARD MT for Fully Automated Brush Production
Get Your Clean on with O-Cedar Commercial
Brush Filaments for Sweeping Robots by Guangzhou Xinnuo
Z.PUMA by ZAHORANSKY: Maximum Performance and Flexibility
Brushtec Launches “High Performance” Steel-Bristle Sweepertec Brush
Gutter Brushes by Flanders Brush Makers: An Affordable Solution for Your Customer!
Qosmedix Expands EQO-Friendly Bamboo Collection
Understanding Brush Channel Construction by Precision Brush
NEW Gothic Collection from Denman
Barbie Core Brushes: Denman’s Pick of Pink!
Additions to Zahn Pinsel’s Successful VERDOR Vegan Cosmetic Brush Series
NEW The Wildcats Collection from Denman
BRISLEX: The Newly Invented Synthetic Filament from Zahn Pinsel GmbH
Seven Reasons to Choose Nail Polish Brush Filaments from Guangzhou Xinnuo Special Fiber Co. Ltd.
A Mono-Material Toothbrush by ZAHORANSKY and Evonik
NEW Wooden Grill Brush from Ebnat: Quality and Sustainability for your Grill
Discover Y-Brush – the World’s Fastest Electric Toothbrush - at The Inspired Home Show
High-Quality Synthetic Filaments for the Brush Industry from Guangzhou Xinnuo Special Fiber Co Ltd
Alklin Brings Practicality to Everyday Life
Sustainable Products from A to Zahn
Fresh Tangle Tamer Ultra Releases from Denman
How to Choose the Right Wool Brush for Professional Painting Work by Ruifeng Brush
Denman Introduces the VEGAN RANGE
Innovative into the Future: New HSU 650 from Boucherie's Partner ILLIG
GreenLine: Perlon®´s Product Range of Sustainable Filaments
Introducing Washnet by Brosserie Brenet – Winner of the 2022 FEIBP Innovation Award
You Can Finally Have the Moon with Borghi’s First Fully-Versatile and Multi-Product Automated Machine
Zahn Pinsel Artist Brush News - Triangular Liner Brush series
Blue Monster® VelocityTM Restores Tankless Water Heater Flow and Efficiency to 100%!
GET THE LOOK by Pete Burkill Using Kent Salon Brushes
Ceramic Coating Brush with New Synthetic Filaments from Zahn Pinsel
Discover Boucherie's Newest Creation: Introducing NM
Hillbrush Redesigns Products for Better Performance
Full Sanding High Imitation Bristle from ALLJOY Taicang Industry Co Ltd
Kent Brushes Launches a New Salon-Quality Collection for Home Hair Styling
Kabuki Brush with Oiled Beech Wood Handle from Zahn Pinsel – An Aesthetic Highlight
Limitless Individuality –New Amareni Cosmetic Brushes from Zahn Pinsel
Qosmedix Introduces PCR Disposable Cosmetic Applicators
Cleaning Function & Form by Condor SA
Mill-Rose Introduces Specially-Formulated Blue Monster® Food-grade Anti-Seize Lubricant
Finest Boar Bristles and Pig Hair from Bright Brush & Bristle Works India
DIY Painting: How to Choose the Best Paint Brushes by Baoding Yingtesheng Bristle and Brush Making Co
Osborn Tufbrush - The Toughest in the Industry
High Imitation Bristle from Baoding YingTeSheng Bristle and Brush Making Co Ltd
Osborn Optimises its Best-Selling Cutting Disc
Introducing Brizzle: Totally Addicted to Baste
Record Sales and New Machine Technology at Edward Jackson Engineer Ltd
Artist and Hobby Brushes by Zahn Pinsel
Unimac KNOT A Machine Innovations
“Soft Touch” Launch: A Fass Innovation
Hillbrush Brushes Up on Its CSER with Plastic Bottle Filaments
Denman: Beauty Lies in the Eye of the Bee-holder!
Northern Lights: New Colours from Denman
Nail Brush News: Private Label Made in Germany by Zahn Pinsel GmbH
YongLi Filament & Bristles Co Ltd Presents YNEXT: The Next Generation of Performance Brush Filaments
Waxing, Stencil & Oil Brushes from Zahn Pinsel GmbH
Make More Brushes with Less Time and Energy with the Aeola from Boucherie!
Introducing U-TWIST from Borghi: The Ultimate Solution for the Production of Twisted-in-Wire Brushes
AVT-E from V-Air: Electric Toothbrushes with Fine Filaments
Brushes for Working with Chalk Paints from Zahn Pinsel GmbH
Improved Hygiene Performance with New Hillbrush Bannister Brushes
Introducing the New Hairbrush by AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT
Private Label Artist Brush News from Zahn Pinsel
Flex Scrub™ Bristled Floor Pad from The Malish Corporation: Game-Changing Floor Pad Technology
Introducing the FMR/8 Automatic Drilling Machine with 8 Positions from SIBO
18" Disposable Microfiber Pad From Nexstep Commercial Products (Exclusive Licensee of O-Cedar)
Who Let The Dogs Out? Pooches on the Power Paddle Brush from Denman
Eco-friendly Blue Monster® ZERO® VOC Thread Sealant Ideal for Green Buildings and LEED Projects
Sanderson MacLeod Builds Steampunk Conference Table to Showcase Innovation
Hillbrush: Covid 19 Sees Increased Interest in Anti-Microbial Cleaning Tools
Powerful & Effective: The NEW Cup Brush from LESSMANN
Boucherie Machine Range for Production of Wooden Toothbrushes
Kent Salon Pro Brush Kit makes for the Perfect Christmas Gift
ZAHORANSKY Z.PARD: Reworked Design for Optimized Operating and Production Processes
Step-by-Step Brush Care by Kent Salon
Speed Sweep® Industrial Broom from Gordon Brush is NOW AVAILABLE for Consumer Purchase
Want Control? Hamilton’s Expression Range Delivers Every Time!
ALPHA (KPT) Develops Customized High-density Steel Wire Roller Brush Machines for ALG
Unimac Starts Producing Machines for Strip Brushes
Kent Salon Adds Professional Handmade Combs to their Salon Exclusive Range
Mill-Rose Blue Monster® OXY-Clutch Introduced for Critical Oxygen Service Sealing Applications
New Micro-Injection Mold Produces Toothbrush Tips for the Z.VAMP from ZAHORANSKY AG
ZOLVE – New Application by ZAHORANSKY
Why the Feel of Your Brush is So Important - Advice from Leading Professional Decorating Tools Manufacturer Hamilton
NEW High Imitation Dorex® Filaments from Alljoy Taicang Industry Co Ltd
Abtex can Help you Solve your Deburring Challenge!
New Clear Mouth Shields Ideal for Education, Retail and Hospitality from Hillbrush
WOLF Abrasive Filaments for Brush Manufacturers: Product Introduction and Application Experience Sharing
Techni–Colour: NEW Precision Colouring Brushes & Tools from Denman
Z.RAY: For the Precise and Hygienic Manufacture of Wooden Toothbrushes
D90L Rainbow of Hope Tangle Tamer Ultra
HeroShield by Denman
Achieve an Outstanding Finish with Expression from Hamilton
ZAHORANSKY Improves Output and Operating Comfort in Twisted-in-Wire Brushes with New Lines and Improved Machine Controls
The Boucherie Borghi Group and Innovation Close to You!
Hillbrush Launches Back to Work Hygiene Essentials Range
ZAHORANSKY - New Machines, Systems and Technologies
Berkenhoff Launches Two New Anchor Wires
High-Tech, Groundbreaking Machinery from Bizzotto Giovanni Automation
Tampico Fiber from Cala Brush Supply
DuPont Filaments Continues to Lead the Way in Innovative Solutions
Flagging Knives from Marco Kracht: Advanced, Strong & Reliable
Paggin Introduces the Mixing Machine M4AL with Compact Bundler VLR
High Performance, Versatile and User-Friendly Machinery for Brush Manufacturers from Roth Composite Machinery
Brushes and Brooms for Sweepers from SOVB
Waffenschmidt GmbH: Leading Manufacturer and Trader of Animal Hair to the Brush Industry
High Quality Bristles & Synthetic Filaments from Yongli Filament & Bristles
Roll with It - Perfection Rollers From Hamilton
Hamilton – Paints Have Changed, The Tools You Use Should Too
Wood Products Are on the Rise Again: Flexible Production with the WOMAtec Copy Shaping Machine
Rugged Cleaning Products to Aid in the Coronavirus Pandemic from Gordon Brush
The Importance of the Kent Salon Bristle
Hamilton’s Performance Cutting in Brush Cuts it Every Time
Roll on With Hamilton
Jones Family of Companies Partners with NanoTouch
Bhobo bv Reports on a Successful Inaugural Appearance at Ambiente 2020
NEW Purus from Ebnat AG: Swiss-Made Quality
Wooden Handles for Brush Manufacturers from Jinan Dongxin Wood Products Corp.
Ebnat AG Launches Sustainably Produced Purus Range at Ambiente 2020
Abrasive Filaments for Industrial Brush Production from ALLJOY Taicang Industry Co Ltd
Superior Filaments for Paintbrush Manufacturers from KR Plastic Industries Co Ltd
Z.SHARK Family of High-Performance Tufting Machines Now Optionally Available with Double Turret
Achieve an Outstanding Finish With Expression From Hamilton
The Original Brush Mate Wet Paint Brush Storage System has had a Makeover!
Launching Now – Masq by Ciret: New Painters & Masking Tape Solution
Total Care System for Paint Brushes from Go!Paint
Nexstep Commercial Products Announces 24" Sanitary Floor Squeegees
NEW Super Imitation Filament for Paint Brush Manufacturers from ALLJOY!
The Innovation of Paint Brush Production by Antares
Wood Finishing Mini Rollers from Axus Decor - “The Next Best Thing to a Spray Finish”
Brushes and Tools for the Painting & Decorating Market from Pennellificio Gava
The Enviro Smart Brush: The World is Ready for Sensible Paint Brushes
The Ice Fusion Brush from ProDec– The Next Evolution in Synthetic Brush Technology
Nail Brushes - An Important Tool in Effective Handwashing. Advice for Good Hand Hygiene from Hillbrush
TOP Filaments: TOP Quality Synthetic Filaments for Brush Manufacturers
Cosmetic Brush Handles with ‘Made in Germany’ Hallmark Quality from Christof Döring GmbH
Stoddard Manufacturing: Manufacturing Brushes for the Dental Industry for 85 Years
The Best in Private Label Brushes from Zahn Pinsel GmbH of Germany
Kent Brushes Launches First Vegan-Friendly Range
Advanced Filaments for Personal Brush Manufacturers from KR Plastic Industries Co Ltd
The FootMate® System from Gordon Brush®
Introducing NEW Himalayan Salt and Bamboo Clean Dental Filaments from KR Plastic Industries Company
Brushes by Karen Releases Brand New White Faux Brush Collection of Vegan Cosmetic Brushes
OrangeBrush: Complete Assortment of Recycled Cleaning Brushes from Brushcom BV
The Award-Winning V12 Concept for Paintbrushes with Registered “Click-System” from Wistoba Pinselfabrik
Brush Machine Technology for Every Brush Maker from The Boucherie Borghi Group
WÖHLER – Innovations Make it Possible
Z.PACK 6 | 8 | 11 from ZAHORANSKY: The Competition Can Pack it All Up
Carlson-STI: Proven Leader for Machine Design Serving the Needs of the Brush Making Industry
EBSER Machines for Technical Brushes
High-End Extrusion Lines from Rai-Hsing of Taiwan
Christmas Comes Early Thanks to the Kent Salon Christmas Styling Set
AL.MA: The Bespoke Tailor of Thermoforming and Blister Packing Machines
Polyplastics to Highlight Latest Material Technologies at K Show 2019 in Düsseldorf
Toko – High Performance Ski Wax Brush Developed in Parnership with smartfilaments AG
Introducing the Medela Bottle Brush from Ebnat
The Duo Brush from Paintpecker: Joint winner of the FEIBP Innovation Award
Wooster Announces an Extra High-Capacity Polyamide Roller Cover Line
Kent Brushes for Breast Cancer Haven
Peta Launches Easy-to-Use Paint Roller
Blue Monster® AdvantageTM Closet Bolts Now Offered in Two Sizes
Limited Edition “Series 1519” Water Colour Brush from da Vinci DEFET GmbH
New Spontex Catch & Clean Rubber Broom and Dustpan Set: Approved by the Unbiased and Trusted Good Housekeeping Institute
Introducing the Cow Brush from Unimade Industry Co Ltd
Fully Automatic Machinery for the Production of Broom Sticks from SIBO
Perlon®’s Hahl Range for Hygiene Brush Applications
Hillbrush’s Anti-Microbial Cleaning Tools for High Risk Hygiene Areas
Color-Coded Products for the Food Processing Industry by La Crosse Brush
Ramon Hygiene Products Manufactured to Food Safe Standards
Stainless Steel Stapling Wire for Hygiene Brush Manufacturers from Pogliani srl
Perfex Corporation: Products Designed to Exceed the Hygienic Demands of Today’s Food Manufacturing Industry
Brush-Making Machinery With High Automation Level from Roth Composite Machinery
“Made in Germany” Long Oil Brush Wooden Handles from Christof Döring Company
Premier Paint Roller LLC Launches New Made USA Professional Paint Brush Initiative
Evriholder Adds Eco-Friendly 100% Coconut Bristles Line to Bamboo Naturals Brand
Nexstep Commercial Products Announces 50" MaxiPlus® All-in-One Cleaning System
Wooster Unveils New Ultra/Pro® Firm Paintbrush Variety 3-Pack
BendItBrush™: Shape Changing Cleaning Brush
Microfiber and Household Mops & Textiles from Bestmade Knitting Co Ltd
Comparison of Natural Bristle and Natural White Imitation Bristle from Yangzhou Jingdu Brush Co Ltd
Mira-Pet Ultrasound Toothbrush and dog-friendly Toothpaste Gel
Footwear Care and Beyond from Victoria Brush
Malish Plastics Addresses Privacy in Public Restrooms and Changing Rooms with Privacy Seal
The Black Cat Lever Lock System from the Reit Price Company
Evriholder Introduces its Newest Cleaning Line: Copper Lane
Mill Rose Blue Monster® Silver-Seal Thread Tape Designed for Chrome, Stainless Steel & Nickel Decorative Finishes
Compac Industries Introduces Brilliant® Toothbrushes at the International Home + Housewares Show
Cuisinart® Grill Cleaning Brushes from The Fulham Group
PERLON® The Filament Company Presents PearlTech®: A Monofilament With a Special Surface
10-Packs Added to Wooster Jumbo-Koter® Miniroller Line
First Class Cosmetic Brushes from Diversified Distribution
Nexstep Commercial Products Announces MaxiSweep™ Lobby Dust Pan
Nexstep Commercial Products Announces MaxiRough® Mop Bucket & Wringer - Downpress
Haviland Corporation Introduces the QUICK FLIP Squeegee
The SPU Roller for Epoxy Flooring Products from Peta
Wooster Adds New Firm Polyester Paintbrush Line at Home Depot
Specialist Machinery for the Brush Industry from Ebser Mechanical Engineering
The Proof’s in the Paintbrush – Trade Supports Hamilton’s Expression
Love at first "Click": NEW Dish Brush from Ebnat
Wooster Mini-Koter® Line Gets a New Look, New Items
3M Receives ISSA Innovation Award Nominations for Daily Cleaning and Mopping Products
Click&RollBox10 from Nespoli: Nominated for the 2018 FEIBP Innovation Award
The Multithread Adaptor from Lessmann – Nominated for the 2018 FEIBP Innovation Award
Mill-Rose to Attend FEIBP Congress and Introduce Mini/Micro Brushes for Industrial and Medical Use
Qosmedix Becomes Authorized Distributor of Cinema Secrets®
Wooster—Exclusive Roller Gauge System Grows
Yangzhou Jingdu Brush Co Ltd: Reporting on the Different Properties of JD SMART 2 and JD SMART 2B Filaments
The Denman D14 Maxwell Brush
Nexstep Commercial Products Announces Disposable Dust Mop and Pad
Abtex Corporation Offers Full Line of Engineered Nylon Abrasive Brushes and the Machines That Power Them
Removing Dry Concrete from Molds - A Tanis Brush Solution
Industrial and Technical Brushes from Kalkan Brush of Turkey
Filaments for Fruit & Vegetable Processing from Perlon® – The Filament Company
Choose a Brush Company That’s Responsive: Precision Brush
GIOTTO from Boucherie Borghi Group - A Masterpiece of Design and a work of Art for the production of Technical Brushes
Nexstep Commercial Products Announces MaxiPlus® Microfiber Scrub Pads
Qosmedix Adds New Rose Gold Dual Ended Foundation Brush
Custom Stapled Set Strip Brush from Tanis Brush for Better Air Flow Management
Haviland Corporation: A New Line of Defence Against Bacteria
Improved Productivity and Extended Brush Life with Nylon Disc Brush from Tanis Inc
Beef Up Your New Z.LION from ZAHORANSKY - The King of the Brush & Broom Production Jungle
New Brush Wire Product from Lötters Draht!
New Milling Machine 3FRA/M CNC from SIBO
ATB® Disc Brushes with Abrasive High-Tech Bristles from OSBORN
Introducing FRM Machine from V-Air Machines GmbH
Abrasive filaments for CNC brushing tools from Perlon® – The Filament Company
Nexstep Commercial Products Announces MaxiTwist® Microfiber Dust Mops
Qosmedix Introduces the “Tip & Blend” PRO Brush Collection
Custom Engineered Tooling for Brushes by Tanis Inc
Wooster Adds New Size to Bravo Stainer™ Line
Advanced Filament Technology for Application-Driven Custom Manufacturing from Tanis
The Marco Kracht Company Releases New, Improved, Harder Flagging Knives
Jupiter Range from Boucherie Borghi Group: Giving More Innovation
Bristle prices going up again? - Introducing M66 filament from Pioneer Brush
Pat Monahan Receives Patent for Freight Buster Handles
Wooden Components for Brush Makers from Hout Timber Industries (HTI) of South Africa
Get Ready for the Spring Sun with Bhobo Brush!
The Mighty Little Brush – A Look into the Production of Mini Twisted-in-Wire Brushes by WÖHLER
NEW from SIBO: Machine FB/CNC 2C2T for the Production of Hair Brushes
Boucherie Borghi Group: Giving Household Brush Manufacturers the Technological Advantage
Metalstik: Metal Handles for Brooms
Floor Care Expertise from CWP Technologies
Best-Selling Lobby Dust Pan “Made in USA” from Monahan Partners
Power for Your Brush Production: Z.LION from ZAHORANSKY
RSVP International's Classic Line of BBQ Brushes Will Have Your Grill Primed and Clean for Summer
Solutions for Personal Care Brush Manufacturers from Boucherie Borghi Group
High-Tech Solutions for your Personal Care Products from ZAHORANSKY
The DMU from Boucherie Borghi Group: Efficient, Simple and Flexible
The Denman Guide to Blowdrying
The Essential Blowdrying Tools from Denman
Filling Materials for Personal Brushes from Pogliani of Italy
The TOP HAIR Shows and Barbers’ Corner: Curtains Up for the Latest Hairdressing Trends
Qosmedix to Build a Strong Focus on PRO Brushes in 2018
Kent Brushes: The World’s Oldest Hairbrush Manufacturer
New year, New Home with the Latest DIY Collections from Charles Bentley & Son
Yangzhou Jingdu Brush Co.,Ltd Expands Production by Introducing New Equipment
Complete Sets for Footware Care & Maintenance from Victoria SRL
Nexstep Commercial Products Announces MaxiPlus® Deluxe Janitor Cart
Cosmoprof North America Announces Exclusive Collaboration with LA Fashion Week
Yangzhou Jingdu Brush Co Ltd: Reporting on the Different Properties of its White Bristle Imitating Filaments
Nexstep Commercial Products Announces Quick-Way™ Mop Kit
Bristle for DIY and Decorating Brushes from Gushi Guolutan Bristle Processing Factory
Thermo-bonded Rollers New for 2018 from Pennellificio 2000
Hamilton’s Expression Goes from Strength to Strength
Discover the Sharp BLD by Boucherie Borghi Group
Wire for the Brush Industry from Pogliani srl
Custom Brush Wire Products from Loos & Co Jewel Wire Division
Staple and Twist-In Brush Wire from Drahtwerk Friedrich Loetters
Wooster Reintroduces the Miami Paintbrush
Machines for the Production of Street Cleaning Brushes by Roth Composite Machinery
No Alternative to WÖHLER for Innovative and Future-Proof Machinery
Qosmedix Introduces Disposable Cosmetic Applicators with Eco-Friendly Bamboo Handles
New Products from the Marco Kracht Company
New Range of Drilling & Filling Machines from Ebser
ZAHORANSKY – Where the Future is at Home
Demonstrating Expression and Winning with Hamilton!
Sibo Engineering: A Tradition of Innovation
Synthetic Filaments and their Properties - Yangzhou Jingdu Brush Co. Ltd.
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