ZAHORANSKY EDGE Enables Efficient Production of Metal-Free Mono-Material Toothbrushes

The Revolution for Sustainable Toothbrushes

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Nail Design Brush News from Zahn Pinsel: New Adapters & Metal Handles
Mastering Maintenance: Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Industrial Brushes from Aviva Brushes of India
The bottle.buddy from Brainstream: German Engineering Made Fun
Laifen Launches the Laifen Wave Electric Toothbrush, a Revolutionary New Oral Health and Wellness Experience
Zahn Pinsel’s Newest Addition to its FINA Brush Series - Vegan and Private Label
Blue Monster® LUBE-JOB Pipe Joint Lubricant Formulated for Push-on Pipe Joints with Gaskets
GOOD DESIGN Award for BrushBoxx
Flanders Brush Makers Showed Their Latest Twisted Brush Innovation at Ambiente - Frankfurt
Cottam Brush Introduces the New Forklift Truck Brush Range
Roth Composite Machinery in Burgwald Launches New Machine for the Brush Industry
Hillbrush Unveils "Natural by Hillbrush": A Sustainable Masterpiece of Brush Making Craftsmanship
Meet: The Cavity Wall Brush from Flanders Brush Makers
Z.PARD MT for Fully Automated Brush Production
Get Your Clean on with O-Cedar Commercial
Brush Filaments for Sweeping Robots by Guangzhou Xinnuo
Z.PUMA by ZAHORANSKY: Maximum Performance and Flexibility
Brushtec Launches “High Performance” Steel-Bristle Sweepertec Brush
Gutter Brushes by Flanders Brush Makers: An Affordable Solution for Your Customer!
Qosmedix Expands EQO-Friendly Bamboo Collection
Understanding Brush Channel Construction by Precision Brush
NEW Gothic Collection from Denman
Barbie Core Brushes: Denman’s Pick of Pink!
Additions to Zahn Pinsel’s Successful VERDOR Vegan Cosmetic Brush Series
NEW The Wildcats Collection from Denman
BRISLEX: The Newly Invented Synthetic Filament from Zahn Pinsel GmbH
Seven Reasons to Choose Nail Polish Brush Filaments from Guangzhou Xinnuo Special Fiber Co. Ltd.
A Mono-Material Toothbrush by ZAHORANSKY and Evonik
NEW Wooden Grill Brush from Ebnat: Quality and Sustainability for your Grill
Discover Y-Brush – the World’s Fastest Electric Toothbrush - at The Inspired Home Show
High-Quality Synthetic Filaments for the Brush Industry from Guangzhou Xinnuo Special Fiber Co Ltd
Alklin Brings Practicality to Everyday Life
Sustainable Products from A to Zahn
Fresh Tangle Tamer Ultra Releases from Denman
How to Choose the Right Wool Brush for Professional Painting Work by Ruifeng Brush
Denman Introduces the VEGAN RANGE
Innovative into the Future: New HSU 650 from Boucherie's Partner ILLIG
GreenLine: Perlon®´s Product Range of Sustainable Filaments
Introducing Washnet by Brosserie Brenet – Winner of the 2022 FEIBP Innovation Award
You Can Finally Have the Moon with Borghi’s First Fully-Versatile and Multi-Product Automated Machine
Zahn Pinsel Artist Brush News - Triangular Liner Brush series
Blue Monster® VelocityTM Restores Tankless Water Heater Flow and Efficiency to 100%!
GET THE LOOK by Pete Burkill Using Kent Salon Brushes
Ceramic Coating Brush with New Synthetic Filaments from Zahn Pinsel
Discover Boucherie's Newest Creation: Introducing NM
Hillbrush Redesigns Products for Better Performance
Full Sanding High Imitation Bristle from ALLJOY Taicang Industry Co Ltd
Kent Brushes Launches a New Salon-Quality Collection for Home Hair Styling
Kabuki Brush with Oiled Beech Wood Handle from Zahn Pinsel – An Aesthetic Highlight
Limitless Individuality –New Amareni Cosmetic Brushes from Zahn Pinsel
Qosmedix Introduces PCR Disposable Cosmetic Applicators
Cleaning Function & Form by Condor SA
Mill-Rose Introduces Specially-Formulated Blue Monster® Food-grade Anti-Seize Lubricant
Finest Boar Bristles and Pig Hair from Bright Brush & Bristle Works India
DIY Painting: How to Choose the Best Paint Brushes by Baoding Yingtesheng Bristle and Brush Making Co
Osborn Tufbrush - The Toughest in the Industry
Bristle for DIY and Decorating Brushes from Gushi Guolutan Bristle Processing Factory
Thermo-bonded Rollers New for 2018 from Pennellificio 2000
Hamilton’s Expression Goes from Strength to Strength
Discover the Sharp BLD by Boucherie Borghi Group
Wire for the Brush Industry from Pogliani srl
Custom Brush Wire Products from Loos & Co Jewel Wire Division
Staple and Twist-In Brush Wire from Drahtwerk Friedrich Loetters
Wooster Reintroduces the Miami Paintbrush
Machines for the Production of Street Cleaning Brushes by Roth Composite Machinery
No Alternative to WÖHLER for Innovative and Future-Proof Machinery
Qosmedix Introduces Disposable Cosmetic Applicators with Eco-Friendly Bamboo Handles
New Products from the Marco Kracht Company
New Range of Drilling & Filling Machines from Ebser
ZAHORANSKY – Where the Future is at Home
Demonstrating Expression and Winning with Hamilton!
Sibo Engineering: A Tradition of Innovation
Synthetic Filaments and their Properties - Yangzhou Jingdu Brush Co. Ltd.
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