Gordon Brush®: Committed to American Manufacturing

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Eisenwarenmesse - International Hardware Fair Cologne 2020
The Original Brush Mate Wet Paint Brush Storage System has had a Makeover!
Launching Now – Masq by Ciret: New Painters & Masking Tape Solution
Axus Décor: Reducing Single-Use Plastic
Total Care System for Paint Brushes from Go!Paint
Nour: Canada's Leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Professional Paint Brushes, Rollers and Concrete Finishing Tools
CSC 2020 Opens Registration: Exhibitors, Attendees and Sponsors Are Invited to Go ‘Beyond Green’
Attraction and Retention Suffer if Sustainability Practices Lack Authenticity
Is your Cleaning Program Environmentally Friendly? Top tips to Ensure your Organisation/Building is Sustainable
NEW Super Imitation Filament for Paint Brush Manufacturers from ALLJOY!
The Innovation of Paint Brush Production by Antares
Wood Finishing Mini Rollers from Axus Decor - “The Next Best Thing to a Spray Finish”
Brushes and Tools for the Painting & Decorating Market from Pennellificio Gava
The Enviro Smart Brush: The World is Ready for Sensible Paint Brushes
The Ice Fusion Brush from ProDec– The Next Evolution in Synthetic Brush Technology
Hillbrush: Committed to Protecting and Preserving the Environment
Environmental Management at ZAHORANSKY
Bürstenhaus Redecker: Manufacturing Fine Brushes Using Natural, Sustainable Raw Materials Since 1935
The Glee Team Make their #PowerOfOne Pledges – What’s Yours?
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