High-tech Brush Machines from ChangeHow Brush Equipment Inc. | Featured Exhibitor of CIBRUSH 2023

CHANGEHOW: 30 years of a legendary brand

The founder of ChangeHow Brush Equipment Inc of Yangzhou, China has been dedicated to the manufacture and maintenance of brush-making equipment for over 30 years since 1986. 

ChangeHow is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, design, production and sales of brush equipment and industry solutions. Its mission is to improve the production efficiency of brush-making enterprises, whilst maintaining the lowest labour and production costs and operating in an environmentally friendly capacity. 

With outstanding technology, a first-class team, a perfect after-sales service system and the craftsman spirit of treating products as works of art, ChangeHow has built its own series of products with completely independent core technology and intellectual property.

ChangeHow’s impressive range of solutions for brush makers are at the leading domestic and world level in terms of technology, design and product performance. These include high-speed toothbrush tufting machines,  automatic handle feeders, high efficiency trimming and end-rounding machines, high speed automatic packaging machines, automatic labelling machines, automatic toothbrush cartoning machines, automatic packing machine and other products.

Featured Products from ChangeHow

High Speed Toothbrush Tufting Machine

  • ChangeHow CNC system with German standards
  • Fuji multi-axis servo engine, high positioning precision
  • Two colours / three colours changeable by servo system
  • Customisable brush trimming device
  • Servo engines offer high precision of brush separating devices
  • SKF, INA bearings make the machine low noise and long life
  • German FESTO pneumatic components
  • Tufting in any angle using universal features
  • Deep level compensation tufting for arc-shaped brush heads
  • Completely closed-circuit systems, high stability, high repositioning precision, easy operation

High Efficiency Toothbrush Finishing Machine

  • Universal toothbrush clamps fit all kinds of toothbrush heads
  • Flexographic printing technique, perfect for curved surface hot stamping
  • High precision biaxial cutting – cut any shape of teeth
  • Industry-leading finishing rates significantly exceed international standards
  • Batch number laser printing – quality assurance made easy
  • Electrostatic elimination
  • Whirlwind dust removal
  • Clean & dust-free toothbrushes
  • Uniaxial cutting module customisable
  • Optional batch number printing, flexographic printing modules 

Toothbrush Packaging Machine

  • PVC/PET automatic feeding – automatic cutting & uninterrupted production
  • Ultrasonic material consumption detection – intelligent early-warning for refeeding
  • Uninterrupted material softening – uniform temperature & instantaneous completion
  • One-step impact moulding for blister packaging - stretching even wall thickness, forming stable corners
  • Laser printing & automatic labelling – accurate positioning
  • Automatic placement of paper card & Automatic labelling – synchronised completion
  • Electric heat sealing – safe & radiation-free
  • CNC servo towing, automatic deviation correction
  • Product punching tools manufactured from customised Swiss-made steel – long term durability
  • Segmented waste cutting, pausing for machine unnecessary
  • Automatic separation of final product and waste

Automatic Labelling Machine

  • Automatic labelling - high speed & high efficiency
  • Programable logic controller – accurate positioning
  • 360 degree rotation – all direction labelling
  • Touch screen panel – easy operation
  • Supports round, rectangular, flat, oval and special shapes
  • Mono-sided, two-sided, three-sided & multi-sided labelling
  • Custom design for products with special shapes
  • Special self-correcting mechanism
  • High speed & high precision ensured by servo motors
  • Standalone production or production line integration

With ChangeHow's products always staying one step ahead of technology, and with their fast-response "24-hour quick service mechanism", more and more brush-making enterprises are becoming convinced of the ChangeHow’s spirit of "30 years as a day, manufacture with heart": this is not only a slogan on the spiritual level but also implemented in ChangeHow’s practical actions every day for 30 years.

Visit ChangeHow at CIBRUSH 2023 to learn more! Booth C01.


China International Brush Making Industry Exhibition (CIBRUSH) is one of the largest international and professional brush industry exhibitions in the world. It focuses on the theme of “Brush Making is Getting Smarter” to show the latest products, trends, and technologies in the brush industry. Don’t miss it!

You will find more information about CIBRUSH 2023 including registration links, exhibitor list, travel arrangements and contact details via this link.
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