Jinxiang Bristles Industrial Co Ltd: Bristles of the Highest Quality

Jinxiang Bristles Industrial Co., Ltd was established in 1954. With clients from 63 countries and annual production of 2,000 tons of products, Jinxiang owns one of the largest (47,000 square meters) and most advanced bristle factories in China. 

For the past 60 years, Jinxiang has been devoted to providing clients with the most stable and suitable bristle products. Jinxiang has ranked #1 in bristle export sales for three consecutive years.

Jinxiang’s major products include boiled, bleached, and cut butt bristles with size options from 38mm to 152mm. Colors come in black, white, grey or dyed.

Jinxiang foresaw the rising popularity of mixture bristles before they were acknowledged or accepted by the market. Jinxiang ensures the consistent quality of mixture bristles using 20 sets of advanced equipment. 

Bristles have various tops-percentage, such as 90%, 70% or 40%. In the past, the bristle industry only had two quality standards: Chungking and Hankow bristles. Thus, clients weren’t able to identify their ideal product with limited options. In addition, factories couldn’t effectively produce different tops-percentage bristles on a large scale. Furthermore, it was difficult for suppliers to develop a portfolio for each client to ensure the consistency of quality.

In 2002, Jinxiang developed its own six bristle standards (J1 to J6) to solve the industry problems above and meet clients’ needs. Our standard system, defined by strict and definite standard of tops percentage, helps clients choose the products that best suit their needs with the most reasonable price.

If clients need help selecting or designing a bristle product, they are welcome to send in a bristle sample they need. Jinxiang’s professional product team is able to conduct a technological analysis of a client’s sample bristle and help clients choosing the most suitable product. Before shipment, we will send the sample of finished products to our clients again to confirm the quality. We guarantee unconditional refund for quality discrepancy.

With its stable quality, suitable products, competitive prices, and excellent services, Jinxiang is a reliable supplier of many paintbrush, hair comb, and polishing brush companies located all over the world.

Jinxiang Bristles Industrial Co., Ltd is pleased to be participating as an exhibitor at China (Shanghai) International Brush Industry Exhibition (CIBRUSH 2016) from 20 to 22 September 2016. We look forward to welcoming you to our booth C13 where you can learn more about our company and products.

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