Supreme Filatech to Exhibit at CIBRUSH 2023

Manufacturers of filaments for artist, cosmetic and paintbrushes - Booth A50

Supreme Filatech (India) has been manufacturing paint brush filaments, artist brush filaments, and cosmetic brush filaments since 2015. Since 1961, we have also been involved in trading and importing various types of natural bristles. In 1999, we expanded our operations to include synthetic filaments.

We ventured into manufacturing due to several reasons, including increased competition and a desire for product exclusivity. Our factory is strategically located near New Delhi, India, taking advantage of the region’s industrial infrastructure and potentially reducing logistical costs.

Throughout our long and industrious journey, we have gained valuable experiences from importing bristles and filaments from different countries and suppliers, learning important lessons along the way. This knowledge has been indispensable when establishing our own manufacturing operations and has led to the implementation of stringent quality control measures, the fostering of strong supplier relationships and the optimization of production processes to ensure consistent and reliable output.

At Supreme Filatech, by manufacturing our own filaments, we can exercise better control over product quality and customization. It also enables us to innovate and develop unique formulations to meet specific customer requirements.

We produce many different filament profiles such as Mini Hollow, Hollow, Solid Round Tapered, × – Shape, Trilocular (Three Hole) and more, depending on the need of our customers.

We take pride in our production capacity, which currently stands at 100 tons of high-quality filament per month. This achievement can be attributed to our meticulous selection of technology and our commitment to creating world-class products at competitive prices.

Quality is our top priority, and we enforce strict measures right from the beginning of the production process. We ensure that we source the finest raw materials from reputable companies such as BASF, Dupont, CCP, Clariant, and other reliable vendors from around the world. By partnering with these esteemed suppliers, we guarantee the use of top-notch materials in our manufacturing processes.

Our careful selection of raw materials is a testament to our dedication to delivering products of exceptional quality. We believe that by using the best inputs available, we can consistently produce filaments that meet or exceed industry standards. This approach allows us to fulfil the diverse needs of our customers and maintain their trust in our brand.

As a manufacturer, we are open to exploring opportunities to expand our product range, diversify into related industries, or target new customer segments. We recognize the importance of continuous improvement and staying updated with market trends to ensure sustainable growth and success in the dynamic brush filaments market.

We are pleased to be exhibiting at CIBRUSH 2023 (13 to 15 September 2023 | Shenzhen, China) and warmly invite you to visit our Booth A50 to learn more about the Supreme Filatech product range and how we can help you gain an advantage in your market and offer the best possible brushes to your customers.

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