Yangzhou Wantong Animal By-products Co. Ltd. to Exhibit at CIBRUSH 2023

Bristle & Synthetic Filaments for the Brush Industry 

Yangzhou Wantong Animal By-products Co. Ltd, established in 1996, has been supplying filling materials for brushmakers from its base in Yangzhou Wantong in China. From humble beginnings, the company has grown in size as well as popularity and now employs over 150 workers from its large production workspaces.

The company started life as a professional supplier of bristles and its main product base continues to be Chungking, Hankow black, white and grey bristles, and bleached, cut, boiled bristles.

However, since 2008, Yangzhou Wantong Animal By-Products has expanded to include the production of synthetic filaments. These filaments can be supplied as solid or hollow, tapered or untapered, available in different colours.

Its full product range includes:

  • Natural bristle - Grey hard cut, white rifling, white root cut …
  • High quality synthetic filaments – Double colour solid tapered, hollow, tapered, pure colour solid tapered, solid filament, imitation bristle filament, faded filament…
  • Mixtures – Bristle/filament custom mixes…
  • Double drawn horsehair…

Under the leadership of its General Manager, Mr. Wan Zhao Shan, the company’s business philosophy has stood it in good stead, with its “integrity and responsibility first” approach and focus on the customer experience leading to a widely loyal customer base.

These qualities, along with continual R&D innovation, consistent quality, timely shipments and harmonious development, have culminated in Yangzhou Wantong Animal By-products Co enjoying a prestigious reputation amongst its customers.

Yangzhou Wantong Animal By-products Co will be exhibiting at CIBRUSH for the first time this September and looks forward to welcoming you to its stand A43 to discuss your requirements.

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