New HIB from CQ Global - 100% Synthetic Filament Identical to Pure Bristle

CQ Global Company is pleased to announce the introduction of its new competitive product named HIB.  This is already very popular in the Italian market and is different from normal pure filament. Our HIB is made by 100% high quality synthetic, mini, hollow tapered filaments; better than solid filaments and cheaper than pure bristles. 

Filaments can be cut into lengths of 44-152mm or cut to suit your requirements. The standard colours are natural black, white and dyed black and the price of different sizes are the same. This can lead to great savings in the cost of making your brush, especially over the short storage of long length, natural bristles.

Although it can't replace pure bristles, HIB can indeed be very competitive and we welcome all brush companies to contact us with your inquiry. Thanks very much for your attention! 

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