Vulcanized Brushes with Metallic & Abrasive Filaments from Trasforini Daniel

Trasforini Daniel has developed a patent application for industrial invention application number: PCT / IB2014 / 063699. the filing date: August 5, 2014. The brush, produced according to the teaching of this patent application, demonstrates how the ring with steel wires is embedded in a special plastic solution that allows the following advantages:

Existing advantages of the brushes already on the market

Maximum And total safety for the user, because it avoids that the thread slits and which can "hurt" the same during the working lefasi
Consumption Regular and balanced wires and constant thickness of the job board

Innovative advantages

  • Minor cost since the injection production process is much faster and more economical and uses a special quality of the plastic material.
  • Increased heat radiation, generated during the brushing operation thanks to new designs adopted
  • Possibility of use in the production system with rings of steel filaments with different diameters (from 0.2 to 0.8 mm) and with crimped wire (eg. with different density wire in the brush - Example wire 0.38 mm: No. wires 1400 to 2400) or twisted knotted .
  • New constructive form of the inner hole of the brush to a plastic having a thickness between the two metal flanges for mounting the brush.
  • This solution also allows to have a better centring of the brush in rotation on the shaft assembly of the apparatus.
  • Construction details of the body in a plastic brush to get a better balance. This is achieved by the various forms of mould inserts that by means of their different forms can maintain constant the position of the wires in the brush and can improve Vaie heat dispersions.
  • Storage time superior to those of the standard produced with polyurethane brushes. The polyurethane (non-recyclable) degrades its mechanical characteristics over time, while our plastic (recyclable) improves over time its mechanical characteristics.
  • Pipeline - cleaning of welds.
  • Cleaning of welds in general (waste removal, etc.).
  • Removing rust and paint from metal parts with grooves
  • Remove burrs from construction details where some precision is required
  • Perform grooves of parts manufactured from synthetic materials
"Non-sparking” brushes line –Wheel crimped wire brushes

Cod . art. Description
CO-LP-125-O30-14 D.est. mm 125 – filo OTTONE d=0,30- 1 rango- MA 14x2 CO-LP-125-O30-22 D.est. mm 125 – filo OTTONE d=0,30- 1 rango mm 22,2
On demand: different diameters can also be supplied for the line "non-sparking". It can also be provided brushes of line "non-sparking + anti-magnetic".

"Non-sparking” brushes line –Wheel twisted knotted brushes

Cod. art. Description
CR-LP-180-O50-14 D.est. mm 180 – filo OTTONE d=0,50- 1 rango-Z=24-cordone MA 14x2 CR-LP-180-O50-22 D.est. mm 180 – filo OTTONE d=0,50- 1 rango-Z=24-cordone mm 22,2 
On demand: different diameters can also be supplied for the line "non-sparking". It can also be provided brushes of line "non-sparking + anti-magnetic".

Brushes line "non-sparking and non-sparking + anti-magnetic"

The "non-sparking and non-sparking + anti-magnetic" is recommended for machining of metal structures or other material that must be performed in environments with explosive atmospheres or in areas where there are flammable materials.

Now this is possible because all the components of the brush (cup or circular) in contact with the brass wires (or other material) are constructed of aluminium with a brush body which allows to have tools with a high electrical conductivity and with a mechanical contact between the various elements of the brush, which results to be blocked thereby ensuring a very small contact electric resistance.

This constructive form of the brush allows to perform operations including heavy duty machining, with a lower expenditure of energy by the operator, because the brush is perfectly balanced and very compact design.
The company's technical department is available to analyse every request of the customer to also produce special brushes for specific processes.

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