Smartfilaments  - Product Portrait

Smartfilaments – a natural substance enhanced with organic and inorganic additives – provides innovative customer solutions. Extracted from cellulose (wood) by the lyocell process, the monofilament is up to 100% bio-degradable, which makes it the fill material of the future.

Originally a procedure to manufacture yarn, the lyocell process has been enhanced over time. The basic material is pulp. That is dissolved in a solvent (NMMNO) whereby molecular chains break. A compound similar to honey develops. In a next step the compound is spun and drawn through distilled water, whereby the solvent is flushed out. The filaments then are dried under strictly controlled conditions and soon thereafter ready for use.

Through the addition of additives the filaments gain new capabilities.

If you are looking for:

  • Soothing, empowering or restoring capabilities? Then you might be interested in adding herbal substances such as seaweed or hayflowers
  • Materials with which to peel, polish or sand? Then incorporating materials such as clay, diatomite, silicon or diamond might be the right solution
  • Products that are antistatic, antibacterial or equipped with other protective features? Then a solution with silver, carbon or fluorine could be the answer for your specific needs
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