S.T.P. Società Trasformazione Polimeri at FEIBP Congress 2018: The Partner for Upcoming Challenges

I have always considered STP as the trusted partner of brush producers, ready to satisfy over time any request thanks to the expertise and seriousness that our market deserves. 

Not frequently, we have written or spoken publicly about our company, but we have been working silently, since 1976, for the highest quality brush producers to offer always the best quality and service. 

Today, when I am asked to describe the company I lead, I am proud to say that STP is a family; a group of well-trained personnel that, at any level, recognise themselves in the excellent products and service they supply, ready to work constantly with the customers to win the new challenges coming from the market.

The world has changed! Everything is interconnected; information flies at the light speed, when you are seeing only the lighting you know that the thunder is surely arriving, and you have to be ready.

The events that occurred on the other side of the world, even a twitter or a weather forecast, no matter if they involve completely different markets, will probably have an effect on our business. In this new scenario the single operator has to get away for a while from its partial detail to be able to see the complete drawing. This is, in our opinion, the reason of FEIBP, European producers can speak together about their details, each one can add a part of the picture and we can try together to see the future that is coming.

This is the reason why STP is taking part (besides drinking good French wine with friends!)

Paolo Sotgiu, STP Managing Director 
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