Staple and Twist-In Brush Wire from Drahtwerk Friedrich Loetters

At Lötters Draht we are a team of around 100 employees. As a family-owned company, we combine the traditional wire business with growth driven by innovation. In addition to drawing wire, our core competences are surface finishing with metallic coatings and plastic extrusion. 

In our production facility in Germany, we manufacture industry standards, but also develop the right product for and together with our customers. Our GERMAN WIRE TRADITION is positioned worldwide!

Brush manufactures on all continents trust in fine-galvanized staple and twist-in brush wire next to our high-quality PET-coated wire for any application for twisted brushes. Our latest development is the provision of stapling wires in or on large presentations with more than 250kgs. Due to up to 300% longer running times, change cycles are reduced in a drastic manner and thus prevent fluctuations in the quality of your process.

Trust and test us!

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