Bristle for DIY and Decorating Brushes from Gushi Guolutan Bristle Processing Factory

Gushi Guolutan Bristle Processing Factory, which was established in 1992, is one of the leading bristle processing companies in China.

We are specialists in manufacturing a wide range of bristles including white, black, grey, mixed, bleached and dyed boiled bristles in all sizes. Our bristle is processed according to four standards: Hankow, Chunking, Shanghai and Tsingtao.
Quality control system is the essential policy of Gushi Guolutan Bristle Processing Factory. With a strict Quality control system, our quality has won us a large number of repeated customers for our factory.

Gushi Guolutan Bristle Processing Factory is committed to providing our customers with high quality products as well as a first-grade service and competitive pricing. Our company has gained a good reputation with a number of customers from Europe, South America, Asia. 
We also supply horse mane hair, horse tail hair, goat hair etc. 

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