Technology, Craftsmanship and Asian Inspirations: Homi Puts the Focus on New Trends

HOMI, the Lifestyles Show from Fiera Milano will return from 27 January to 30 January 2017 with the many facets of the new trends that characterize objects for the home and accessories for individuals.  
In this ever-changing world, HOMI takes up the challenge, offering companies a layout that is always new with areas dedicated to experimentation and a focus on trends and practices that are ever more widespread. 

Of the many trends that our changing our daily lives, technology is, without a doubt, the one that stands out the most. It accompanies us in our daily lives, and is always present in our homes, in the objects that furnish them and even in the accessories we wear. 

In order to put the focus on this trend, this edition of HOMI is also to feature the HOMI Smart space, which aims to offer ideas for reflecting on and highlighting concrete examples of the ever-stronger relationship between design and technology, and the beauty we experience through objects that is then shared on social networks.  

This sharing of fascinating objects online, along with the popular practice of looking for interior design ideas and tips on the Web, are part of the theme behind new initiatives; at HOMI, the ideas and inspirations from these new style “gurus” will come to life with themed installations and spaces, workshops and demonstrations, with the greatest focus being placed on the table, an area where originality, beauty and rules come harmoniously together to create ever more interesting compositions. The world of costume jewellery is another important area of focus, with interesting research laboratory initiatives.  

The Internet is not the only thing changing our day-to-day lives. There’s also a growing multicultural element, with traditions from different countries that are gradually bringing new customs into our lives. 
Ethnic objects or pieces from far-off cultures – often combined with more traditional accessories – are ever more common in our homes and in what we wear. 
At the same time, new holidays and special occasions become a further opportunity to fill the rooms of our homes with decorations, to decorate shops with colourful elements and to partake in the pleasure of getting together with friends and family.

Therefore, this edition of HOMI is sure to be full of inspirations, going from past to present, and will be more open and multicultural than ever.

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