Chinese Bristles from Deyang Xiangyu Bristle Co

Deyang Xiangyu Bristle Co Ltd is one of the leading bristle manufacturers in PR China. It produces and exports pure natural boiled bristles, plastic fibre, horse tail/mane hair and goat hair for over 30 years.
Our main products produced include:
  • Chinese bristle (boiled Chungking, Tsingtao, Hankow, Shanghai bristles) for paint, hair, artist and industrial brushes available bleached, black, grey, colours and in various lengths – normal and special quality
  • Tapered synthetic filaments (PET, PBT, Nylon etc) available in colours and sizes as per requests
  • Mixtures of bristle and synthetic filaments
  • Horse tail/mane hair, goat hair, cow tail hair in various lengths, available dressed and dyed
With sales activities cover many countries and regions across Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East and beyond, Deyang Xiangyu Bristle Co Ltd truly is a global company.
2016 will be the first time that we will exhibit at the Interbrush exhibition and we hope to develop new customers and look forward to meeting exisiting clients there. Please visit us at our booth to see how we can work in partnership! We are confident of a fruitful co-operation.
Booth: 4.2.0
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