The Fugenmaus from Fugenial Debuts at Ambiente 2023

From 03rd to the 07th of February 2023, the trade fair Ambiente took place in Frankfurt am Main: An international gathering of the leading manufacturers in the consumer goods industry and the platform for products and ideas that are in the spotlight of global trends.

We were very happy to be a part of this extraordinary fair. All areas of the consumer goods industry were showcased here - with umbrella categories such as Dining, Living, Giving and Working, consumer needs were covered in every respect.

With our innovative product Fugenmaus® we placed ourselves in the category Dining - Table, Kitchen and Household. The Fugenmaus is the household grout brush and stands out with its unique design and practical handling in the field of cleaning utensils. Small but powerful, the Fugenmaus® literally "runs" through the joints and cleans them efficiently, effectively and easily. Our patented household grout brush Fugenmaus® not only stands for its name, but is also from sustainable production Made in Germany.

Well thought-out in design from start to finish and made of high-quality materials. The recipe for success of Fugenial GmbH: the complete production takes place in Germany - from the material for the handle and bristles to the manufacturing and packaging. At the same time, the products offer German craftsmanship and live up to the Made in Germany seal.

Our vision is to use recycled material as well as innovative and sustainable raw materials as fixed components in production, to use natural resources efficiently and to integrate our products into the recycling loop. A mission that is possible, feasible and close to our hearts. We are setting a sustainable and responsible example in the field of joint cleaning.

We look forward being part of the ambiente again next year. For more information, please click the link below:
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