China Brush and Cleaning Tools Association (CBC) at 2018 CIBRUSH Exhibition

From 1st to 3rd November 2018, the CIBRUSH exhibition, sponsored by China Sundry Articles Industry Association and organized by Beijing Huijie International Exhibition Co, was held in the Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre.

This exhibition, which covered a space of 15 000m², was divided into two areas: one for finished brush products and the other for machinery and components used in their manufacture. With more than 200 international exhibitors, this exhibition truly covers the brush industry supply chain around the world. In addition to domestic Chinese exhibitors, there were participants from Germany, USA, Italy, Mexico and India who brought with them advanced equipment and products for this industry.

Guo Wen, Fu Rui and Jiang Huihui from the secretariat of the China Brush & Cleaning Tools Association attended this year’s event. With their youth and enthusiasm, they brought sunshine to the exhibition. Having served the industry for many years, they have seldom had the opportunity to be visible to the public in such a way. 

There were many exhibitors whom we have never met before, some of them came to talk, others came to thank us for the work we do. Of course, there were many old friends, most of them came to our booth firstly to register and say hi. How can they not love their work in face of the enterprisers who are enthusiastic, sincere and grateful?

We also welcomed visitors from overseas who are interested in and asked about the work of China Brush & Cleaning Tools Association. For instance, they were interested in the general situation of Chinese brush industry, levels of productivity and market demands, and looked for our recommendations for reliable cooperation. Jessie, with her excellent English language skills, is so patient and answered them comprehensively, one by one.

The time went by so quickly and we learned a lot. It is our sincere thought that our industry has been making progress and our enterprises, in general, have become more mature. We would like to take this opportunity to say that we are proud to serve the brush and cleaning tools industry and we look forward to welcoming you again in Shanghai in 2020.

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China Brush & Cleaning Tools Assoc. at CIBRUSH 2018
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