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Established in 1985, Tai Hing is one of the largest monofilament manufacturers in China specialising in providing various high quality monofilament products such as PA6/66/612 nylon filament, PP, PET, PBT tapered filament etc.

With a factory area of more 20,000 square metres, Tai Hing has 25 modern monofilament production lines and more than 400 tons monthly production capacity.

Succeeding in becoming the epitome of exquisite quality and craftsmanship, the group is recognised by ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001. All filament products are certificated by RoHs, PAHs and REACH etc. Besides these certifications, innovative patent testing methods for filament smoothness and dryness achieve the excellent filament tufting effect.

Biodegradable Brush Filament for False Eyelashes

With 37 years’ experience of manufacturing monofilament, Tai Hing has adopted advanced manufacturing techniques to produce the best quality filaments for false eyelashes. These tapered eyelash filaments look natural with their matte colour and human hair-like material, have a uniform filament diameter, are soft to the touch, light in weight and comfortable.

Made using innovative fully biodegradable material that contains no heavy metals or toxic substances, these filaments can be degradable into water, carbon dioxide and compost which is harmless to the environment. Plant ecotoxicity and earthworm tests have shown that plants grow normally, and earthworms remain healthy in the degradable soil contained Tai Hing’s biodegradable filament. 


Videfens™ Antibacterial Brush Filaments

Before 2020, there was a high demand for household brushes using filaments with high temperature resistance, good bend recovery and alkali resistance.  In the post-epidemic era, antibacterial and antiviral brush fibers are widely applied in the industrial brush, daily cleaning brush, hairbrush, interdental brush, toothbrush, makeup brush, nail polish brush and guitar string industries etc.

Tai Hing‘s antibacterial Videfens™ brush filament has been developed to protect consumer health and antibacterial and antiviral functions can be added to PA612/PA610/PA6/PA66 nylon filaments to meet the customers' different requirements.

Rigorous external testing has shown that global standards for virus reduction rates antiviral activity have been achieved with tests showing a long-term antibacterial effect and a 99% virus reduction rate.

Videfens™ filament reaches food grade safety, is non-toxic, harmless and non-irritating, and is effective against coronavirus, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus etc.

Wetrans™ Filaments for Interdental Brushes

Interdental brushes are used to remove dental plaque on the teeth and interdental spaces that are difficult to reach by floss and toothbrushes. Brush filament is the most important component of interdental brushes and must have features of softness, tensile strength, wear resistance and uniform thinness of diameter.

During regular production processes, filaments are cut quickly and the ends can become sharp and can damage oral health if used in interdental brushes. To avoid this, Tai Hing has developed the Wetrans™ filaments which undergo a rounding process in which the filament has uniform diameter and moderate surface smoothness. With better palatability performance, Wetrans™ T filaments have been widely applied in some mid-to high-end international interdental brush brands.

As well as having a better filament rounding rate, the Wetrans™ T filament is straight in appearance, has a moderate softness/ hardness, has outstanding bend recovery strenght, moderate surface smoothness and dryness and is generally of a high-quality standard.

Tuboss™ Brush Filament Paintbrush Bristle

With the continuous advent of new coatings, a variety of new coating construction tools have emerged accordingly. As the most common and convenient auxiliary material tool, the paintbrush plays a key role in the coating process, affecting the final paint effect.

Tai Hing has adopted advanced manufacturing techniques and exquisite craftsmanship to produce high quality Tuboss™ paintbrush filaments that offer a more professional and outstanding painting effect, painting quickly and evenly, which are the best choice for paintbrush manufacturers around the world.

According to the different customers’ requirement, Tuboss™ filament is divided into Tuboss™ Lite bristle and Tuboss™ Pro filament:

  • Tuboss™ Lite bristle-cost-effective advantage: For price-sensitive customers, Tai Hing provides Tuboss™ Lite bristle whereby the production process has been optimised and product price is reduced, whilst still using the best filament raw material and advanced manufacturing techniques to produce the high-quality paintbrush filament. Using Tuboss™ filament is the best choice to save your production cost with the same level of performance and quality.                   
  • Tuboss™ Pro filament-superior excellent quality: Tai Hing manufactures its Tuboss™ Pro filament using the best filament raw material. By adopting advanced manufacturing techniques, Tuboss™ Pro filament has undergone the strictest quality inspection to ensure the excellent product quality, which makes your paintbrush products more popular in the market.

Both Tuboss™ Lite filament and Tuboss™ Pro filament have better product features of straightness, moderate softness and hardness, bend recovery strength and chemical stability and have certifications of RoHs, PAHs and REACH etc. These resilient filaments have a prominent performance in absorbing and releasing oil to paint evenly and efficiently and are suitable for various kinds of paintbrushes.

Tai Hing strictly obeys the national and local environmental protection laws and regulations during the Tuboss™ filament production process, and is committed to becoming a sustainable, green, low-carbon, and environment-friendly manufacturer, realizing the recycling and utilization of production water in the production process and already has achieved zero sewerage discharge.

Abrasive Filament GrindFil Introduction

GrindFil abrasive filament is made of high-quality nylon 612/610/6 filament and is combined with silicon carbon/aluminium oxide grinding sand.

GrindFil has stable chemical resistance and the bend recovery strength features of nylon, and adapt to various kinds of environment, such as high & low temperatures and dusty environments. With strong grinding ability, GrindFil is applied in twist, strip, belt, disc, roller and cup brushes. GrindFil is also applied in wooden grinding, steel polishing, metal finishing, glass grinding and ceramics grinding industries.
The whole body of GrindFil, including its outer surface, cross-section and inner core, is randomly distributed with grinding sand to form rough, hard and tiny edges and corners. When the brushes are driven by the industrial machine at high speed, GrindFil scratches and rubs the metal surface densely, processing the procedures of finishing, polishing, deburring, sharpening and removing the oxide layers etc. GrindFil can keep outstanding surface finishing effects for a long time, which refers to the flexible grinding processing and does not destroy the original size of workpieces.

Tai Hing’s good reputation is confirmed by the companions, with its products spanning across 12 industries and cooperating with over 35 countries as well as thousands of well-known international brands.  Tai Hing pledges its commitment to a continued refinement in its craftsmanship, is keen on customized needs, and continues to innovate and invest in product research to meet and exceed the expectation of its customers. 

Visit Tai Hing at CIBRUSH 2023 to learn more about its advanced filaments and how they can help you build better brushes. Booth C24.


China International Brush Making Industry Exhibition (CIBRUSH) is one of the largest international and professional brush industry exhibitions in the world. It focuses on the theme of “Brush Making is Getting Smarter” to show the latest products, trends, and technologies in the brush industry. Don’t miss it! Find out more by clicking here.
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