Wooster Announces an Extra High-Capacity Polyamide Roller Cover Line 

The Wooster Brush Company is proud to announce Cirrus X™, a new polyamide yarn roller cover, to their product offering. These rollers feature a European polyamide yarn fabric that's soft, resilient, easy to load, and holds a lot of paint. 
New Cirrus X polyamide yarn roller covers are designed with extra capacity and durability to help tackle rough and even extra-rough surfaces. They are great for applying base and finish coats, as well as, back rolling textured surfaces such as stucco or brick. Use these new roller covers with all flat, eggshell, and satin paints to achieve fast and complete coverage. 
Cirrus X rollers have a green marbled look and will be available in 9-, 14-, and 18-inch sizes in ¾" (catalog number: R185) and 1" (catalog number: R186) nap heights for rough to extra-rough surfaces. The original Cirrus roller covers will still be produced with their original green stripe and are available in 9-, 14-, and 18-inch sizes in ½" (catalog number: R194) and ¾" (catalog number: R195) nap heights which makes them great for semi-rough to rough surfaces.

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