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With the price of boiled bristle rising month on month, customers are finding it increasingly challenging to bear the cost of making their paintbrushes. For this reason, they are turning to alternative materials: synthetic filaments.

Most customers using synthetic filaments for the first time are uncertain about the different properties of each of the available varieties, so let’s explain one by one. Currently, there are three main types of brush filament as follows:

  • Advantage: softer tip and smooth
  • Disadvantage: heavy and reduced paint absorption 

Mini Hollow
  • Advantage: good paint absorption and light
  • Disadvantage: rough

  • Advantage: good paint absorption
  • Disadvantage: the body is hard, not soft

Yangzhou Jingdu Brush offers the following synthetic materials to brush makers:

  • PET hollow
  • PBT solid tapered filament
  • PET and PBT hollow flaggable filament
  • PET and PBT cross-section filament
  • PET and PBT star filament
  • PET and PBT three holed filament

The company’s main markets are South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia, although with its prime location and excellent customer service record, it is able to supply globally. 
Yangzhou Jingdu Brush Co. Ltd. looks forward to welcoming your enquiries and to supplying you with the genuine products you need to manufacture the perfect brush!
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