Wooster Brush: Shortcut Hook & Hold Angle Sash Paintbrush

Nominated for the ABMA Innovation Award 2021

The durable, comfortable 2 inch Wooster Shortcut Hook & Hold Angle Sash Brush makes painting easier on the wall-to-ceiling line, window frames and more. Wooster Shortcut Hook & Hold features a patented and integrated plastic swivel-hook for hanging the brush on the side of a paint can, bucket or tray. Soft, Shergrip rubber handle designed to provide extra comfort and control. The full-size head means these small brushes still offer smooth, fast coverage.
  • Integrated swivel hook is designed to fit over the rim and edges of paint cups, trays and paint cans
  • Integrated swivel hook keeps the brush from falling in the paint cup, tray or can, keeping the handle free of paint
  • Tipped filaments for excellent leveling and smoothing ability
  • Works with all paints, including latex, acrylics and water based stains
  • Ideal for smooth or rough surfaces
  • 2 inch angled brush for detail painting in small spaces
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