Top Marks for Hamilton’s Perfection Pure Synthetic

Hamilton, the leading decorating sundries company, recently took part in a series of trials, with its Perfection Pure Synthetic range ranking number one against its competitors.

Four key attributes, identified by professional painters and decorators as essential for producing exceptional results, were tested, namely finish, coverage, durability of brush and paint pick up.

Its all in the design

Perfection Pure Synthetic’s superior finish is achieved by virtue of its unique blend of synthetic filaments which do not swell in water. This means that the flagged tips stay fine which helps to prevent tramlining and brushmarks when using water-based paints. Some of the competitor brushes are trimmed meaning that the fine tip is lost. This feels scratchy to the touch and produces an inferior finish.

Both durable and with excellent paint pick up, Perfection Pure Synthetic’s design again delivered high ranking scores. The synthetic filament does not wear as quickly as natural bristle plus they are easier to clean so the brushes last longer, whilst the flagged tips mean that more paint is held than with some competitor’s brushes and leads to more even coverage.

The Perfection Pure Synthetic range consists of ¾” to 3” brushes with varnished wooden kaiser handles (beavertail for the 3” size brush) including two angled brushes, 35mm and 50mm.

Philippa Pawson, Director of Marketing at Hamilton said, ’We rigourously test and trial all our products with professional painters and decorators as we constantly strive to provide the best tools and equipment possible.

’We are especially pleased with these test results as it shows that our efforts to use the highest quality manufacturing processes and materials available actually translate into a perfect finish everytime for professionals.’

For more information on Hamilton’s range of brushes, rollers and decorating tools, visit or call 01953 453201.

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