Twist-in brushes for industrial applications – Wöhler expands its machine portfolio

As globally leading manufacturer of industrial brushmaking machines Wöhler has successfully expanded its existing machine portfolio in the twist-in brush sector.

The application range of twist-in brushes is quite extensive with an ever growing importance in industrial applications. A considerable increase in demand can be seen in special and custom forms in small twist-in brushes. Brushes with wire and synthetic fill materials are mainly required for industrial applications. This is exactly where the newly developed TIM 4 comes in!

Four core wires and double plane fill material

Specially designed for the production of wire and synthetic twist-in brushes the fully automatic TIM 4 operates with four core wires. These are fed from four separate spools, cut directly on the machine and further processed. An additional alignment unit ensures perfect preparation of the core wires for the twisting process.

The wire, synthetic or abrasive fill material is fed either in single hanks or from spools.

Maximum flexibility thanks to servo drive technology

The unique machine concept of the TIM 4 impressively fulfils today’s demands in twist-in brush production. The user-friendly touch screen control ideally complements the intelligent servo drive technology, offering maximum flexibility in the production of small twist-in brushes. The freely programmable twist-in range opens further opportunities in meeting every customer requirement.

Consistently high fill density at high performance levels

The precision feeding device ensures optimal filling with high densities and minimal material loss. The high performance of the TIM 4 allows particularly efficient production. A rapid return on investment makes it easier for many companies to expand their brush portfolio to include the production of twist-in brushes with clean twist-off wire ends (no wire loops).

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The world of twist-in brush machines at Wöhler

Along with the TIM 4 Wöhler has also further enhanced the MTI 950. This proven machine for the fully automatic production of small and miniature twist-in brushes with stub ends has undergone further process optimisation. The highly efficient MTI 950 operates with core wire from spool. Even high tensile and coated wires can be processed this way, allowing greater rigidity in small cross-sections. The fill material – wire, synthetic or abrasive nylon – is fed from hank. Even very short hank lengths are possible, as the material is used up practically without loss. Cylindrical and conical brush forms are possible as are butterfly brushes, whereby no subsequent trimming of the brushes is required.

Apart from the short change-over times, easy handling and simple maintenance the machine is also equipped with computer controlled NC technology, guaranteeing process repeatability.

The highly flexible semi-automatic SKOD rounds off Wöhler’s machine portfolio of twist-in brush production machines. This twist-in brush machine stands out for its great product range, from miniature brushes up to boiler brushes. Brushes can be produced with or without loops on the handle end and with stub or clean twist-off head ends. Brush trimming is made directly on the machine by means of an integrated trimmer, which can also be easily programmed via the touch screen control.

Wöhler leaves nothing to be desired in the production of industrial twist-in brushes: This is a truly well-conceived and convincing machinery programme.

Wöhler will once again be represented at the FEIBP Annual Congress in Marina di Ugento, Italy by Matthias Peveling, Managing Director. As a long-term Gold Sponsor, Wöhler is proud to be a key supported of the FEIBP and welcomes you to their booth at the Brush Forum to learn more about the company and its machines.

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