SITBRUSH Celebrates 110 Years of Family Business!

2018 is a great year for SIT because we celebrate our 110th anniversary of family business! 

In 1908, Alessandro Acquaderni bought a small paintbrush shop that dated back to 1662 (!) and started it all. Following the early conversion to the production of industrial paint brushes, the 1950’s saw then-owner Pietro Acquaderni revolutionize the business further, by turning his back on paint brush manufacturing altogether and shifting the focus to industrial and technical brushes.

Today, Alessandro, Marco and Paolo Acquaderni, together with father Andrea, are running the business and looking forward the next big change, continuously innovating towards the future and towards an everyday better customer service. And, of course, looking forward to the ABMA convention in Arizona: the perfect opportunity in which to share with other manufacturers the beautiful stories that are building the foundation of our industry today.

Happy “Anniversario” SIT!

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