Yangzhou Jingdu Brush Co.,Ltd: FAQ of Bristle

Many customers have asked us some questions about pig bristles when they purchased. Do you have the same problems or want to know more about pig bristle? We list below some common questions and hope it will be helpful for you.

1. Size of bristles

2. What does “tops” mean? Such like “60%tops”,”80%tops”,”90%tops”...

For example: 51mm 50%tops pig bristles, it means the length of 44-51mm occupies 50 percent of the total.
3. What’s color’s types of pig bristles?

Bleached white, natural white, natural black and grey, printed black + natural black, colorful 
4. What does “colorful bristle” mean?

It means different kinds of bristles mixed. In general, we mix printed black bristles with white bristles. But more often than not, it's based on customer preferences.
5. How to recognize “dyed colorful bristles” and “natural colorful bristles”?

EG: Natural grey bristles. On the top of it, you can see a little bit red. But the dyed grey bristle's top and bottom are both grey. (This situation depends on the dyed color)
6.  How to recognize printed black and natural black?

On the top of natural black bristles, you will find a little bit red. At the bottom of natural black bristles, you will find a little bit white. But printed black pig bristle's top and bottom are both black.
7.  How to make ‘cutting bristles’?

Cutting from the top part of a whole bristle. Before cutting, you should choose the tops, color and length. And you need to pay for the loss. ‘More cutting will make bristles shorter and harder. 

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