Flex Scrub™ Bristled Floor Pad from The Malish Corporation: Game-Changing Floor Pad Technology

Gets the Job Done Like Never Before | Installs Easily, Cleans Deep

The launch of the Flex Scrub™ Bristled Floor Pad signals the most innovative floor-cleaning technology since the advent of pads over 70 years ago. This groundbreaking product, developed by The Malish Corporation, blends the easy installation of a traditional floor pad with the robust cleaning power of a brush. Flex Scrub™ bristles reach in to lift dirt from highs-lows and textures, dramatically boosting floor cleanliness, making it the ultimate bristled pad.

Feature-Rich Design Delivers Multiple Benefits
The state-of-the-art design of the Flex Coupler, a quick-change universal adaptor (patent pending design), allows Flex Scrub™ pads to easily attach to any pad driver, turning traditional floor machines into cleaning powerhouses. Flex Scrub™ bristled pads fit most 175-350 rpm machines, including single-disc, auto scrubber, ride-on and orbital machines.

The irregular bristles give Flex Scrub™ pads a cleaning advantage: they dig in to provide a considerably deeper level of cleaning, agitating chemicals and pushing them into grout lines, texture, and highs-lows where traditional pads can’t reach.

The Advantages – and Savings – Add Up
Flex Scrub™ bristled floor pads outlast traditional floor pads up to 50 to 1, while reducing labor and product costs. This unique product attaches quickly, won’t gum up when cleaning or stripping, doesn’t require operators to stop and flip, and, because it’s self-cleaning, eliminates the need for wash out. In addition, Flex Scrub™ bristled floor pads last longer, reducing landfill waste. Flex Scrub™ bristled pad colors match directly with traditional floor pad colors, simplifying ordering.

A Deeper Clean for Occupied Interior Spaces
Because the cleanliness of a facility’s interior can have an impact on the well-being of those who work in, learn in or otherwise occupy the space, keeping facilities as clean as possible is important to building management.

“And, of course, concern about the COVID-19 pandemic has only further emphasized the importance of building cleanliness,” says Jeff Malish, President and CEO of The Malish Corporation, adding, “that’s why the deep-cleaning properties of Flex Scrub™, which can help provide a safer, healthier interior environment, are especially advantageous today.”

For more information about the Flex Scrub™ Bristled Floor Pad and The Malish Corporation, please click the company page link below:
Flex Scrub™ Bristled Floor Pad from The Malish Corporation
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