Wire for the Brush Industry from Pogliani srl

Born more than a century ago, nowadays Pogliani srl is a point of reference for the brush industry.

With the passing of time, the company has increased its range of products for this sector and now is a leader in its field.

Pogliani srl is able to supply wires, synthetic monofilaments and natural fibres.

Focusing on wires, the range is very wide and can satisfy all brooms and brushes producers: from hygiene to cosmetic, artist, tooth brushes, paint brushes, industrial and technical sector.
  • Flat wire: self – straightening flat steel wire, suitable especially for street brushes production
  • Plain, copper coated, galvanized, round and flat wire for stapling purpose 
  • Stainless steel wire: hard wire for different applications, soft wire for stapling and for twisted in wire brushes, available in different grades and spools, material can be also crimped and cut to lengths according to customer needs
  • Brass wire:  crimped in coils or cut to lengths, on spools for crimping, round and flat for stapling purpose
  • Nickel silver wire: round for stapling and flat suitable for toothbrushes production
  • Special wires: bessemer wire, phosphorous bronze and special alloys.

For further information on products or any other aspect of Pogliani’s business, please address your requests to POGLIANI SRL using the contact link below and visit the web site: www.poglianisrl.com 

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