Raw Materials for the Brush Industry from Pogliani of Italy

September has arrived and it brings an event not to be missed for the brush sector: the annual FEIBP Congress!

This year, FEIBP members will be descend on a charming site, Marina di Ugento, Salento (Italy) from 23th to 26th September. This convention is the only annual meeting for the European brush industry and it is attended by many brush manufacturers covering all main areas of the brush sector.

As a long term member of the FEIBP, Pogliani srl is looking forward to this important event and Messrs. Gianantonio and Carlo Pogliani will attend the congress.

As a point of reference for the brush industry in Europe and beyond, renowned for its high quality products, excellent service and competitive pricing, Pogliani srl will be participating in the Brush Forum. This is the Congress event that gives component suppliers, along with manufacturers of finished brushes and brush making machinery, the opportunity to show fellow FEIBP members the technical aspects, characteristics and uses of their products.

This year Pogliani srl would like to focus attention on:

  • Special synthetic filament Krex ®, widely used for the production of paint brushes and toothbrushes
  • Stainless steel wire for crimping, filling and for twisted purpose in different grades
  • Brass wire, level or crimped

For further information on products or any other aspect of Pogliani's business, please visit www.poglianisrl.com


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