Interior Brush with Carbon Fibre Filament Made by Lessmann: The German Brush Company

Electrochemical cleaning is a state-of the-art process for weld seam cleaning of stainless steel work pieces. The tools available in the market today are sponges and end brushes with carbon fibre. The new product of Lessmann is an interior brush that allows to enter the inside of tubes or to work on the outside. The brush is ideal for cleaning and polishing areas which are hard to reach, especially weld seams on stainless steel work pieces.

The high quality carbon fibre filament in the brush is arranged vertically to the stainless steel holder of the brush; while working, the points of the filament contact the working piece (e.g. the interior of a tube) and enable a flow of electric current.

The advantage of this innovative brush is that edges and angles can be cleaned easily and thoroughly. Millions of fibres in one brush enable a high flow of electric current and therefore high effectivity in the application.

Besides electrochemical cleaning is environmental friendly since no toxic pickling solution is necessary, but only nontoxic electrolytes are used. For this innovation Lessmann holds an EU patent.

Lessmann is a leading manufacturer of high quality technical brushes made in Germany. Next to a wide range of standard brushes Lessmann offers also individual brushes produced for special applications in the automotive industry, metal working industry, tube industry and others.

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