Ebnat adds a New Twist: ÜX - The Superbroom!

Ebnat is Switzerland’s leading brush manufacturer. From household brooms, through toothbrushes, to interdental brushes – more than 1 million products are supplied every day.

The daily feedback received from thousands of happy Ebnat customers encourages the continuous research into new features of such everyday products with the overriding ambition to make cleaning easier. Only a few movements should achieve the desired result. For this reason Ebnat has developed the practical Superbroom.

Narrow, Strong, Clever

Why two twists? With a rotational movement, the broom can be fixed in three different positions – left, right and straight. Therefore, places that are difficult to access can be cleaned easily thanks to the special handle joint. Another advantage is that, due to the patented handle joint, the broom can be used in a forward and reverse direction. Therefore, a clear concept, a new handle encasement and a small twist make for a completely new broom for the modern-day househusband or housewife! Places that are difficult to access (under beds or cupboards), tight spaces, brushing dirt away or towards you: it’s a piece of cake for our new ÜX - The Superbroom with its two twists.

The Superbroom has been nominated for the 2015 FEIBP (European Brushware Federation) Innovation Award.

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