Hamilton’s Performance Cutting in Brush Cuts it Every Time

The newly launched Performance Cutting In brush from Hamilton, the leading professional decorating sundries company, out-performed a leading competitor in recent trials.

Greatly improving decorator efficiency, the Performance Cutting In brush delivered three times the distance per loading  when cutting in, compared to its nearest competitor, thanks to its design. The medium series Cutting In brush holds more paint than a thinner series, providing a greater spreading rate and allowing cutting in over greater distances.

Ideal for water-based paints, the Performance Cutting In brush is made using high quality synthetic filament for exceptional application, finish and durability. It is designed with an angled profile for precision cutting in and features a quality wooden handle.

The Performance Cutting In brush is presented in a counter-top shelf ready unit of 16 brushes.

For more information on Hamilton’s range of brushes, rollers and decorating tools, visit www.hamiltondecoratingtools.co.uk or call 01953 453201.

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