Brush Manufacturers from Around the World Attend Mill-Rose Luncheon in Cleveland

On Friday, January 25th, brush manufacturers from around the world gathered for the 56th annual Mill-Rose Brush Manufacturers luncheon, held at Pickwick & Frolick restaurant in downtown Cleveland.

At the luncheon’s opening, Jim Benjamin from Precision Brush, and Nate Zappola and Paul Miller Jr., from The Mill-Rose Company, honored recently-deceased Paul Miller from The Mill-Rose Company, who was a leading supporter of industry associations and took great pride in hosting the annual Brush Manufacturer’s luncheon.

“Although my father was a catalyst for making these events happen, we will continue the tradition as these are really special events that bring our industry together,” said Greg Miller, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Mill-Rose.
For over a half-century, brush manufacturers and their suppliers have gathered at this networking luncheon. Representatives from the United States and countries as far away as Europe, Mexico and Canada attended the event, hosted by The Mill-Rose Company. Manufacturers and suppliers gathered during the week before the luncheon to discuss business trends, opportunities and other topics related to the brush industry.

Brushes manufactured by representative companies are used in virtually every type of industry around the world.  Applications include makeup/mascara brushes, hair brushes, floor sweeping and polishing brushes, gun cleaning brushes, car wash brushes, copier toner brushes, brooms, paint brushes and special brushes used in the medical field.

Local and regional companies attending the event included Precision Brush, Malish Brush, Phillips Brush, Sherwin Williams, Spiral Brush, Brushes Corp., Michigan Brush and The Mill-Rose Company.

For more information about The Mill-Rose Company and its vast array of products, please click the company link below:

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