The Multithread Adaptor from Lessmann – Nominated for the 2018 FEIBP Innovation Award


A newly designed thread in the brushes with an adaptor that allows the brushes to be fixed properly on M14 as well on W 5/8 threads.

Why you need the new Lessmann Multithread - Adaptor:

  • Power tools with threads have either standard W 5/8 or metric M14 spindles.
  • The South - American dealers must keep 2 different brushes or brushes with multithread.
  • The multithread in the market is outside all standards and risky.
The new thread is a patent pending revolution:
  • Significant improvement in the safety of the product
  • Easy to handle (DGBM 20 2017 106 097.7)
  • Improvement of centical clamping compared to the multithread
  • Expansible to other tools (flap discs etc.)
How to use (please refer to illustration)
  • Insert the adaptor on the opposite side at the nut on the brush (1)
  • Press the adaptor inside the bore hole till it blocks (2)
  • Assemble the brush on the side 5/8“ at the grinder (3)
  • Assembled brush (4)
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