The Proof’s in the Paintbrush – Trade Supports Hamilton’s Expression

Since its launch 18 months ago, Expression, the ultimate professional paint brush range from leading professional decorating sundries company, Hamilton, has been incredibly well received within the industry.

Now found in over 500 stores nationwide, including Crown, Dulux and Brewers stores as well as independents, Expression has proved itself to be a worthy and trusted essential tool for any professional painter and decorator.

Finest design, latest technology, exceptional results

Hamilton carried out extensive research amongst painters and decorators, using the latest technology, including topography analysis which highlighted its superior, consistently smooth finish, during its development. As such, all Expression brushes feature Max Stroke™, a unique synthetic filament blend comprising a mix of different types of filament.

Max Stroke™ has been developed to deliver a smooth and consistent finish whilst also achieving optimal paint pick-up and release, ensuring the job is completed quickly. New production processes have been adopted to achieve a softer, fuller appearance on the tips of the brushes. This feature guarantees the smoothest and most consistent finish is achieved, delivering exceptional results for professionals whether using solvent or water-based paints.

The Expression brush range comprises:
  • Expression Flat brush – sizes 1”, 1 ½”, 2” & 3”: A longer wooden beavertail handle provides a well-balanced brush for comfort and a flexible grip. Remaining comfortable even when used for long periods of time and featuring the Max Stroke™ filament, Expression Flat brushes are the ideal addition to your tool box.
  • Expression Angled brush – sizes 35mm & 70mm: Featuring a longer wooden beavertail handle for a balanced hold, coupled with the MaxStroke™ filament which has been produced to an angled finish, the Expression Angled brushes achieve more accurate cutting in with higher paint pick-up for a smoother, more consistent finish.
  • Expression Precision brush – sizes 15mm & 20mm: The new Expression Precision brushes have a specially designed head for fast painting on profile surfaces. The angle of the filaments means that painting corners has never been so easy. The long wooden handle provides a greater reach for more stability in awkward places and is ideal for close accurate work. The patented cover has been developed to protect the head from damage and can also store the wet brush for up to 72 hours.
Trusted by the professionals

Simon Radestock, a member of Hamilton’s well-respected Decorator’s Panel said, ‘Hamilton’s Expression enables the professional painter and decorator to achieve exceptional results each and every time, with speed as well as accuracy.

‘Offering consistency and reliability with my paint application, I can confidently promise great results for my customers on each and every job.’

For more information on Hamilton’s Expression range of brushes, visit or call 01527 575441.

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