GreenLine: Perlon®´s Product Range of Sustainable Filaments

Perlon® – The Filament Company

Perlon® – The Filament Company – is an innovative, global group of companies specialized in the manufacture of synthetic filaments. Perlon® generates annual sales of more than 150 million euros, employs about 850 people and has a production capacity of 23,000 tons. We operate from locations in Germany, Poland, in the USA and in China.

Through our technical expertise and strength in innovation we develop premium quality products for our customers. The comprehensive product portfolio is based on a variety of raw materials. In line with the intended application, these are modified and processed into high quality, application-specific filaments. The consistent high quality of our products sets worldwide benchmarks.

The future is in good hands

Perlon® has committed to a sustainable future by addressing our environmental, social and economic drivers and working with partners along our supply chain. In line with our global sustainability strategy, we are focussing on developing closed loop opportunities, reducing CO2 emissions, carefully managing our natural resources and implementing responsible sourcing and supplier partnerships.

Perlon has set itself the target of reducing the total CO2 emissions of its products by 15 % by 2030, including the emissions burnt in its primary products and purchased energy.

Through the continuous optimisation of our processes and the careful selection of raw materials in product development, we are contributing to the reduction of energy consumption, emissions, wastewater and waste generation. We are constantly ensuring strict compliance in accordance with the standards for environmental and energy management systems in line with ISO 14001 and ISO 50001.

Recycling is a top priority at Perlon®. We have our own company for this purpose, RECYTEC. Here, unmixed plastic waste can be processed and fed back into the material cycle in various ways.

The GreenLine product range


Circular economy/circular raw material, mechanical/thermal recycling
Quality in line with specifications
Optimally sustainable
Meets legal recycling quota requirements

“Sustainability Line"
Circular economy/circular raw material, chem. recycling, depolymerization

Identical material compared to Virgin, FDA
Meets legal recycling quota requirements

“Bio Based"

Climate protection/renewable raw material

Bio based e.g. from bio ethanol, sebacic acid, tall oil etc.

“Bio Degradable”

Waste management/biodegradable raw material

“Low Carbon”

Climate protection/CO2 reduction

Use of green energy
Suppliers or raw materials with low carbon footprint
Up to 100 % CO2 compensation

Improvement of Perlon®‘s Sustainability

  • Reduction of waste
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Reduction of CO2 emission
We support our clients in complying of environmental regulations and reducing environmental impacts.

For more information about Greenline and Perlon, please click the company link below:
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