Brush Machine Technology for Every Brush Maker from The Boucherie Borghi Group

The Boucherie Borghi Group offers technology for every brush maker, in any part of the world, for all kinds of projects, for all budgets. We provide all the brush manufacturers with the right solution for their needs, helping steady growth, offering safe investments and providing reliable support. Meeting customers’ requests is a beginning, giving more to them is our promise for the future.

Household brush manufacturing

NEW vertical tufting machines!

Vertical tufting machines are the best compromise between productivity, ease of use and maintenance and versatility. The SMART V2 is a double-head machine driven by 4 or 5 axes of movement and running in a continuous work-cycle. The SMART V2 is ideal to produce flat brushes, brooms and round head toilet brushes, at a reduced investment cost.  The STAR V2 (2 filling tools, 3 drills, continuous work-cycle, 5 axes) is the top of the range for performance and flexibility. The STAR V2 can cover the whole range of products from banisters to clothes brushes, from tank brushes to toilet brushes, and at the same time delivers a very high production output at the maximum level in versatility.

The SMART V2 and STAR V2 have been recently redesigned and the new versions will feature improved performance and wider range of options. The machines will run at higher speed, also thank to the new electronic architecture. The range of filling tools has now a new anchor set filling tool with mobile jaws that will allow greater flare angles of the tufts even with anchor bars. Some operating and maintenance aspects have been simplified: for example, all the models will be equipped with pneumatic lifting system for the fiber stock boxes, double belt filling head, direct-drive drill spindles, air conditioning for the electrical panel and router for remote assistance.

In the reengineering of vertical tufting machines, we have also given particular attention to improved safety, developing a specific system to enhance the safety of the operator. Additionally, a great evolution of the hardware and software has taken place to highly improve the equipment. More information will be available at InterBrush 2020.

Oral Care


The HEPTA is a basic, high-speed tufting machine for toothbrushes. Its filling tool is completely new and redesigned, with an absolute minimum number of parts and adjustments. This allows maintenance to be minimized and setup to be quick. All movements are controlled by servomotors.

The touchscreen interface is easy to use with clear messages, and the controller can hold plenty of different programs. As a standard, the machine is equipped with a triple-fiber box, so that brushes with three different types of filaments can be made. The Hepta is available with a manually loaded stack-hopper for the toothbrush handles or with a simple automatic handle feeder to reduce labour.

PTt Technology

PTt technology provides the new way to produce anchorless toothbrushes, offering extremely important benefits pertaining to manufacturing, design and quality. The new technology simplifies the manufacturing process, allowing the use of conventional standard toothbrush handles with pre-cored holes. This means only the mold and only one handle component to process. There is no welding, no clicking and no assembly. The output can reach up to 48 brushes per minute. Furthermore, PTt enables entirely new toothbrush designs to be made, due to the very narrow space between the tufts and the edge of the head, allowing the possibility to use TPE (rubber) cleaning elements and a wide range of handle materials, including transparent materials.

The product quality advantages are convincing. This includes excellent and consistent tuft retention, and no voids in the head. Also, all bristles of the same type are end-rounded in the same condition, so that all bristles tips will later show an identical end-rounding quality, no matter where they are inserted in the brush. The PTt technology won the Innovation Award at the 58th FEIBP Congress, in Edinburgh, Scotland.

This technology was presented at InterBrush 2016. Four years of developments has brought this technology to a superior level of stability and efficiency.

High production Flexi lines

With the introduction of the Flexi line concept, Boucherie has taken one more step ahead of the competition. The Flexi machines are built up in modules that are connected with a pallet-style transport system. There can be a variable number of tufting heads, depending on the product and the output that is required. There are machines with 2 Hepta tufting units integrated, giving up to 2000 tufts per minute, but some machines have been built with 3, 4 and even 5 tufting units (as desired by the customer).

The modular design of the machine has many advantages: first, the tufting machines can have several axes of movement, such as CNC controlled tuft picker-eye opening, CNC controlled depth movement, CNC controlled anchor insertion angle, etc. This makes it possible to tuft the most exotic designs. However, the machine remains perfectly accessible. On top of that, the side-by side placement of tufting modules allows for a single fiber loading system to keep the fiber-boxes topped up, which means there is a substantial savings both in investment as well as floor space. Furthermore, the transport system can be shaped in such a way that the layout of the machine fits the available space on the factory floor, and that the throughput of raw materials and finished products is optimal.

Technical & Industrial Brushes


The GULLIVER HD is the most reliable and efficient way for manufacturing Road Sweeper Brushes and, in general, very large disc brushes up to 950 mm diameter combining synthetic fiber and/or steel flat wire.

The GULLIVER HD is the result from the orientation this segment seems be taking and the efforts Borghi has put in order to achieve customers’ demands in terms of quality, reliability and cost efficiency of these very heavy-duty brushes.

The GULLIVER HD is an automatic machine with 1 filling tool and 1 drill. The machine is equipped with 2 feeding systems: 1 fiber stock box for the synthetic filament and 1 spool-fed system with double unwinder for the steel flat wire. The GULLIVER HD can tuft the disc brushes with synthetic fiber only in each hole, with steel fiber only (up to 8 pieces per hole) or mixed bristles with steel and synthetic fiber in the same tuft hole. The GULLIVER HD enables the brush manufacturer to deliver a complete range of disc brushes of various sizes, manufactured to the highest standards, with a firm sweeping action and increased sweeping width, meeting the needs of several technical and industrial applications.
Who said technical brush makers don’t appreciate better efficiency in their production flow?

The GIOTTO machine is meant for high volume production of industrial floor scrubbers and other kinds disc brushes. Over the recent years, we saw from technical brush makers a constantly growing demand for solutions to reduce their production costs, not only by increasing the flexibility of their machines (less machines on their factory floor, but more versatile ones), but also by using more automated processes to reduce the costs of re-handling the same products through the several production processes involved. The GIOTTO machine features continuous operations along its 3 stations. The first station allows the operator to load the virgin discs while the machine is drilling and filling them in the other two positions. Every time the drilling/filling operation is completed, the machine indexes bringing the brush automatically to the next station. When the working cycle is completed, the disc brush returns to the first station where a CNC controlled trimmer acts accurately finishing the brush, which is ready now to be taken off by the operator and replaced with a new virgin block. GIOTTO is available with a standard mechanical filling head or e-STROKE technology, Borghi’s patented electronic filling head.

Personal Care Brushes

Facial brushes are quickly gaining popularity and are now a substantial part of the personal brush segment market. The AMR-Facial is a high-speed, spool-fed tufting machine for anchorless face cleaning brushes.

The spool-fed filling tools, which allow the use of very small diameter filaments, tuft the fine material directly into the head plate of the brush, eliminating any issues related to the handling and picking of fine filaments. After tufting, the filaments are melted together, and the head plates can subsequently be assembled with the rest of the brush, or over-molded.

The AMR-Facial is available as a manually loaded machine to make the tufted head plates only, or optional automation, including assembly of the brush, it can keep operator labour to a minimum.

The DMU: efficient, simple and flexible
The DMU-1 machine is aimed at the manufacturers of smaller quantities of high-quality brushes and “fine brushware”, such as hairbrushes and other personal brushes. This machine has a short-stroke filling tool and a high-precision picking system. High quality small brushware of the most various configurations can be manufactured with high efficiency: round, half-round and flat hairbrushes, rubber pads, bath brushes and single- or double-sided nailbrushes. In its basic configuration, this is the most versatile and practical machine possible for this segment of the market, and some automation is also available for longer runs.

IDM is a compact, high output machine to produce small, twisted-in-wire brushes, such as mascara brushes. There are variants available with spool feed as well as with puck feed of the bristles.


The SHARP 2L is specifically designed for the finishing of push brooms and multi-level brushes. The SHARP 2L is an automatic trimming machine for flat brooms and brushes up to 900 mm (36”) in length. The machine is equipped with 2 clamping stations that carry simultaneously 2 (or 4 shorter) brushes. Loading and unloading are performed manually. The workstations consist of rotary-blade trimmers, flagging units, cleaners and beaters, available in different configurations according to the type of brush to be trimmed. Each brush passes in correspondence of each workstation 2 times (once in each direction of motion), ensuring uniform trimming and high degree of finishing over the entire surface of the brush.

Twisting machines

The U TWIST is the ultimate solution for the production of twisted brushes with loop end or closed end. The machine consists of 2 working stations: one station carries out the first twisting while the other one does the final twisting and finishing of the brush. Working simultaneously on 2 brushes at the same time, the 2 stations ensure a tremendous output and a perfect finishing of the brushes.

The U TWIST can manufacture an extremely wide range of brushes with different materials: synthetic, metal, and natural fibers. The machine can produce brushes up to 1220 mm in length and work with most stem-wire materials, with a diameter range of 0.7 mm to 3.2 mm.

Mop machines

The OCTOPUS PACK is a fully automatic machine for manufacturing mops for the household industry. The machine carries out automatically all the steps for manufacturing a finished and packed mop, feeding the material, assembling the mop and packing the final product. The machine can be completely handled by only one operator. OCTOPUS PACK can process cotton yarns, spun-lace and non-woven material feeders. The mops manufactured by the OCTOPUS PACK offer superior quality thanks to the even distribution of the material, placed in a radial pattern 360° by an innovative, mechanical system. spools and use them to assemble mops with plastic sockets and forks, which are fed by vibrating.

You can count on the Boucherie Borghi Group’s expertise, experience and dedication to fulfil your machinery requirements as well as post-sales customer service and support.  
With so many innovative product offerings available, now is the time to invest into updating old, outdated equipment for your brush manufacturing needs with cutting-edge technology from the Boucherie Borghi Group.

Visit our websites via the links below for more information.
Machine Technology for Every Brush Maker from The Boucherie Borghi Group
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